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I have been a part of Dryden Community Schools since preschool. I have not once wanted to change schools or drop out. This school has made me who I am today, an intelligent, caring, and honest individual. Between the wonderful teachers, staff, students in this school, I could not have done it without them. The one thing I would change about Dryden Community Schools is have more class options, clubs, and sports. Overall, this school has changed my life and has made me a wonderful human being. This school is small enough to know everyone in the halls and I am thankful for that because I have so many friends here.
Overall and excellent, small town school in a gem of a community. Teachers and staff work hard to engage with students, and there are lots of cutting edge things things in the classrooms that bigger schools can't try. My kids are very happy with their experiences here.
The school is a mediocre small town community school with a money problem. I have never been to the elementary since I started my Freshman year, but I guess it is like "Springfield Elementary" from the "Simpsons". The student body is consisted of mostly white republicans who don't care about basic societies. There is barely any funding because the school has always asked organizations for help. Students are in danger because the administration is worried more about money. Just because someone is a big fish in a small pond does not mean they are a big fish in the ocean.
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I attended Dryden Community Schools my entire life. Elementary was decent, but junior high and high school sucked. The teachers usually didn't do their job very well, and I was almost always lost in math class.
Being a small school affected the number of people available to participate in clubs, sports, and the music program, so they suffered. Most of the teachers and other faculty are friendly and willing to help.
Dryden Community Schools are great schools and I am very happy to go to school here! The staff and students here are great and I have made great friends.
i liked how the teachers had a personal relationship with each student but i had a new teacher every year not because of the classes i had but because of them leaving and replacement teachers coming in
Attending Dryden schools, I like how small the class sizes are, and the teachers know every student. I feel as if our staffing situations could use some help.
I love the small town feel and I love being able to know everyone you go to school with but our administration staff is very poor. Alot of them are rude with students and do not allow us to do things we want to do like bigger schools do.
It is a small school and you can get to know every one personally. Most people are friendly put some people think to highly of themselves. (Dean of Students and Alethic Director.
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