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Dripping Springs Independent School District Reviews

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I like that there are a wide range of clubs and extracurricular classes offered. One can even choose their prospective career area and have counseling on how to get there.
The district is very focused on giving the students a great education. Students have many electives to choose from, sports teams are great, and the band program is top notch. The district is growing very quickly, so there is some concern that they can keep up with the growth, in building schools on time as well as be able to staff the new schools with great teachers.
It's been a good experience. It's like most things: You get out of it what you put in. There are courses for all levels, every activity available, and tons of after school events.
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Best school district in the Austin area! Hard working and caring teachers who push our students to be their best selves while truly figuring out each child's learning style and helping them succeed. What more could you ask for?!
I have enjoyed going to Dripping Springs High School. The environment is calm which makes it easier to achieve. The classes offered are not your everyday Clases. They have English classes that cross with Art. I took the Real Estate class this year and it was great. I will be getting my license this summer. The school offers study skills also for students who don't want to go to college.
Growing up in Dripping Springs, I have always been apart of the Dripping Springs Independent School District. My experience with attending this school district for 12 years was amazing. Now as I move on to college I feel fully prepared to take on anything it throws at me!
Dripping Springs definitely pushes high school students and I was way better prepared for college than most my college peers.
This is a great school and I loved all four years of high school. I loved the teachers and all my extracurricular coaches.
In my opinion, this is one of the best school districts in the state, and certainly one of the best in central Texas. The district strives to make students excel beyond what is required in normal school districts. They are very organized and foster a great relationship with parents and students alike.
It's been a good experience for us. As with any school district, it's not perfect. Do we wish some teachers were more involved with their lessons? Yes. But that is a part of life. So chock it up to a life lesson for all. Our kids need to know that there will be great teachers in their life and some not-so-great. They will experience that in college and in the work force with their bosses.
I really enjoy the staff, particularly the counseling staff, of Dripping Springs High School. One thing I would like to see changed is the curriculum and teaching methods of some classes.
I have had an amazing experience within the Dripping Springs school district. Since moving here, I have made incredible friends and have had the opportunity to take challenging and interesting courses that rekindled my interest in learning.
I like that my high school has lots of electives that aren't your typical
education classes. I'm looking forward to taking Wildlife management and focusing on Veterinary medicine. THere's only one middle school which funnels into one high school. This is nice because everyone is in the same boat when you change from the middle to the high school. Our HS campus is up to date and great with technology.
I've really enjoyed my high school experience so far. I attended DSMS starting in 6th grade. I like that we only have one middle school and one high school, however that will change next year because they are adding another middle school. Our school district feels like a small town even though our high school has 1500 students. The community is very involved in the school activities. For example, the football games are a big event! It seems like the whole town comes out to cheer DSHS on.
Dripping Springs was a great high school and I'm very grateful to have graduated from here. The teachers and staff definitely prepared me for my future courses not only academically but also in other aspects.
My experience throughout the school district has been very positive. All of the staff of DSISD are willing to help students achieve their dreams, no matter the size.
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