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I had a fine experience at Downingtown. Some really great teachers, some really horrible teachers. When I went there the district did not seem interested in diversity or inclusion, and I felt singled out in school because I was openly gay.
I've been a student in the Downingtown Area School District since I started going to school. I've had an amazing experience at all the schools I've gone to, but there are still aspects that could be improved upon. The district provides amazing resources and opportunities for all their students to prepare them for their future. In middle and high school, there is a great variety of courses students can take and students can partake in many extracurriculars (clubs, sports, academic teams...). Compared to other districts, I think that DASD provides an above average experience to students, but there is still a lot of room for improvement that would make the experience for students much better.
As much as school can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, I've enjoyed most of my time in DASD. Currently, I'm a student at Downingtown East High School. I appreciate the number of choices and freedom we have when it comes to classes and clubs. There are so many groups you can join with many different interests to explore.
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The Downingtown Area School District has provided me with 12 years of academic excellence. The teachers assist me with great knowledge and push me to do my best everyday. When I walk into my high school, I know I am in a safe environment allowing me to continue my academic excellence.
My three children have each had indivual experiences in the Downingtown Area schools. Currently, our high school senior is active in many clubs, including students for change and ultimate frisbee among others. He participated on the JV soccer team as a freshman, and enjoys attending sporting events with his friends. Our twins are currently in the middle school; however all three boys have attended DASD schools since kindergarten. My middle schoolers are active in school sports and academics. One of the DASD strengths is the special education department. Children with learning disabilities and anxiety/depression can excel with the fantastic special ed department supporting them.
DASD is a very nice district, but there is little diversity, and despite an abundant amount of technology being given to the students, they are often given little freedom.
I went to Downingtown Area School District from kindergarten to 12th grade, and felt that I got a great education. The classes I took prepared me well for college, and the experiences I had in all of the clubs I joined can't be beat.
My experience at Downingtown Area School District has been very positive. I have been able to participate in many activities including choir, theater, foreign language clubs, National Honors Society, and start a youth prevention club. Through participating in so many clubs, Downingtown has been very helpful academically, and I have been able to take honors and AP classes.
I do very much like the downingtown schools, but I do feel that it lacks certain areas such as more college preparation and conversations. Also I am a sophomore and wish they would help us start getting ready for SAT’s now rather than when it’s almost too late. Lastly I have good teachers who are involved and others who hand out notes and then sit down. Overall not bad, but could definitely improve.
The school is very good. The only bad things are the admins (particularly as Downingtown West HS) the counselors are amazing and the resources couldn't be better. However, some teachers clearly do not like their job, and constantly complain about admins
I like the curriculum & the diversity of students. What I would like to change is the diversity of the teachers.
Great school district. Teachers and staff put the students first. They have a great academics diversity. They also have a STEM school which stands for science,technology,engineering and math.
Staffing do not care for students with IEP/Special needs, and deny bullying that goes on in the district
I got to enjoy the experience of their magnet high school which has prepared me greatly for college and beyond.
I'm a senior at Downingtown East. Overall, the school is great. People are friendly, resources are given to students, and teachers are generally helpful. The wifi is a bit sucky at times, but we make it work. Incoming students are supplied with a laptop, so the use of technology in and outside of the class room is promoted as a learning device. The halls tend to be crowded since we do have an influx of students but with time it isn't a problem anymore.
I like the social and academic atmosphere the schools and district provides for the students. The faculty is greatly supportive in most cases, and have the student’s best in mind. I have enjoyed my time and benefited from my education at DASD.
I went here for several years and enjoyed this district.
it lacks diversity, it has many opportunities for the kids.
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I have spent my whole school career in the Downingtown School District. The teachers are very supportive of the students and always trying to help them. Even though the schools are very big the administration tries very hard to get to know each student. Overall it is a great environment!
At DASD I felt I was well prepared for college by attending this school. I would like to see administration interect with students more.
The Downingtown Area School District has about 4/5 popular high schools. My high school was ranked in the top of the Philadelphia Archdiocese. I believe the community support, surrounding small businesses, restaurants and neighbors all contributed to the overall success of so many great high schools. All of the schools open their doors to the public and the public supported the students to no extent. An amazing area to grow up in.
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