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As a student at Downey High School, I admire the varied opportunities for classes. Each course is a great pathway for student's future careers. The school also is successful in using their connections as outlets for students to pursue other opportunities out of school.

However, I find their funding focus questionable; as most of the school's attention is targeted toward sports such as football instead of student led clubs. This thus lacks support for student independence and participation in the community.

I am also a bit displeased at how the district manages funding. Due to the lack of students attending, funding is said to be going to an outlet school; and in turn will take funding for hired teachers and the special education program.

All in all while I agree with these specific choices I am grateful for the education I receive at school.
I would like to see students more happy when it comes to sports. Some coaches are more focused on the sport than a student's health or or well being. Anything other than that, DUSD is good for it.
I liked that Downey district is involved in challenging kids academically in so we can push ourselves to do better
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What I like about the Downey Unified School District is that the staff and teachers are always so nice and willing to help you exceed in your education as must as you can. The teachers stay after school and go really early so that they’re able to help out students who may be struggling or need help.
I like that there is diversity with the teachers but I would like younger teachers as well. I would also like if Downey Unified School District had a less uptight dress code rule. It would also be nicer if they actually enforced anti-bullying through their actions instead of words and posters.
I Like that the teachers and administration is more involved and care about the students, but some of the faculty seem unfair to the the students like they play favorites. Also I think if there were more safety precautions in the classroom and throughout the school. Like to do if there was a situation at lunch or snack. But yeah, also for teachers to become more patient with students. I think they forget that every student has a different thinking process and the teachers have been teaching for years and it takes us time for us to grasp the topic and understand it.
I had an amazing experience growing up in this district. Most, not all, teachers were incredibly passionate, warm, and patient. Always willing to tend to the students and cared about whether or not we did well. In all honesty, I would like to see a shift in curriculum to better represent the location this school is in. This district is in Los Angeles, which is highly populated with minority groups, and I would love to see more incorporation of different cultures and the impact they have made in this country. At least more availability of these types of classes!
This school district is very interested in fulfilling the needs of the students. They are always finding new programs to integrate into schools and work hard to ensure that students are college ready.
Downey Unified is an amazing school district. I personally went to Downey High School, and had the best time ever. There you can learn anything you want and the staff are willing to help you out no matter what you as an individual want to do. My teachers, coaches, and even my administration became my mentor and I thank God every day I was able to go there. I feel that school has truly prepared me to go into the college and real world and be successful. Overall it is amazing and an amazing experience for any child. I fully recommend.
when i was in high school i went to warren and it was amazing, the classes and the teachers got me college ready to achieve my goal and set a spark to start my career
was a student from k-12 and I loved it! It helped prep me for college and I loved most of my teachers and administrators. They were all eager to help me. Always super safe too!
Downey High School had many unique classes that most schools don't. Most of the teachers are very caring and helpful to students. They also have much to be involved with school.
I moved from Mexico two years ago, since there I been part of the Downey Unified School District and I love it! Not only because the system is very organize but the education quality. I currently attend to Warren High School and I am part of the English Language Development program. When I moved here I had to adapt to the society and the language as well. Downey District has provided me many opportunities, for example, I was part of the MADE program, which provided High School Juniors an internship during the summer, its purpose was to prepare students work experience on the professional field. I got my internship at the Law Office of Blanca Pacheco and I had a Blessed! Thanks to that internship I improved myself confidence, developed skills that I thought I would never have, manage my time and be another lover of coffee!
Everyone does or sells drugs. ALL students think Downey is ghetto. The teachers play favorites and judge you mainly on the way you look. Once one of my teachers thought my classmate was gay so she called his parents and "outed him" and then moved him to the back of the class where he sat isolated for the rest of the year. She never sat him next to any other people. The teacher also gave me a 2 1/2 hour detention for forgetting my math book for the first time. A lot of stupid fights, most of them are for no reason at all and they always end up on the internet somehow. Nudes get leaked every other day. There are so many pregnancies scares. A lot of the students don't realize how lucky they are to be living in such a nice area. You get judged on every move you make by every person in sight.
The school should promote more widely on their clubs for youth. Teachers should be a tad bit more enthusiastic and talk to their kids, but 90% do. Its great how my teacher are able inspire me to grow and learn everyday on new topics even math.
This district cares about the quality of learning so that their students can achieve greater in life.
Downey overall is a great school to attend, i was new this year and i felt very welcomed and everyone was friendly. Although the girl who gave me a tour of the school was very nice, she didn't do a really good job in actually showing me the school.
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I love the teachers Downey has. You can tell they teachers really care for students and wish the best for them. Something I would change is preparation for college. An example would be preparation for the SAT. I was very unprepared because teachers never expressed the importance of it in the classroom. Overall I loved Downey district for the constant support.
I enjoyed all my four years at Warren High School. I met some of the most inspiring teachers there who where always willing to help me. I also met some of the most amazing friends and peers there. My fellow classmates where very self motivated and I could really tell that they wanted to learn. The administration there is very encouraging especially when senior year rolls around. They make sure that we are aware of many scholarship opportunities and offer help for pretty much anything college related. Being a Warren Bear was a truly great experience and I would have chosen a better high school than Warren!
My experience was wonderful with Downey United School District because they are really involved into the community and every time that I contacted them, they helped I’am so proud of my district!!
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