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The district overall is okay, but as you get to the high school the quality drops dramatically. During the school year the classrooms are either freezing or you’re sweating. Some classes were changed over to Crome books which sometimes won’t work. There have been many bomb or shooting threats over the years. There has been concern over mold in some rooms. They don’t use the correct equipment in physical education and haven’t listened when a parent spoke their concerns. Some teachers aren’t helpful and do not prepare the students for the tests at the end of the year. Some aids have very poor attitudes. Some staff members including teachers choose favorites and they show it. The sports and clubs are one thing that is beyond amazing in this school.
The teachers were always trying to help the students succeed. If a students were struggling the teachers would have an open door when providing extra help.
Teachers and staff are helpful with any questions you may have. Food is great, school is into lots of activities and classes aren't outrageous meaning packed rooms roughly have 10 to 35 kids depends on subject.
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Dover High School is a small, close-knit school that has numerous benefits. The teachers have a great one on one relationship with students, the coaches go above and beyond (especially the cross country/track section) and the environment is very welcoming for anyone!
Dover high school is a very small school that provides an intimate atmosphere with not only peers but the teachers as well. The teachers always have time for their students, they listen to needs and ideas to better our environment.
Dover Union Free School District helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. They had a culinary class that I replaced with Spanish 3 due to me not seeing the point of me taking Spanish due to me already having the minimum requirement. The two principles I had while there helped me overcome the bullying of not only me, but my friends as well. The teachers, Faculty and students all helped out when I broke my 5th metatarsal bone Junior year. They helped me out so much that I can not thank everybody who helped out over these four years.
I liked that this school had a great sense of community, overall every teacher was very helpful and nice throughout my time in school. I would like to see more student involvement as time goes by.
Dover Union Free School District is a great school. They offer a bunch of different electives for students to take alongside standard classes students need to take.
Half of the teachers are amazing, the other half you can tell aren't there for their students. The food's usually on the bad side. Rules aren't enforced well, and most days students can get away with what they want. However, the work is usually challenging, and students are in an environment where they can work well.
I liked how our school we had to get community service in order for us to graduate because it shows us responsibility. I also liked how our classes are small so it is easier for us to understand what is being taught. I think that our school can improve on the sports because we have the typical sports like soccer and football but I wish we had swimming or tennis. But overall i had a good expirenve.
As a senior in Dover High School, I have had plenty of time to truly see everything about the school and think about all the things I would change. For starters, I would begin by changing the disciplinary system. Currently it is very biased and is not right. Students should be punished rightfully for their actions. Also, I would change the range or options for classes to take. There are not many options for students to choose from and there are really none to benefit certain majors and such. But overall Dover has given me a good experience and I enjoyed my years here.
I love that it's such a small school so everyone knows each other. The Principals and teachers all know you by first name and they have the time to listen to you. The school spirit is incredible and we all come together on days like pep rally and the Homecoming football game.
I like how there's a place for everyone and the school try it's best for every student to feel welcomed. The only thing the school should do is try to obtain more diversity. There should also be more of a variety when it comes to electives.
It is a good school but there aren't many opportunities for the students to find what they are passionate about if they don't already know.
Dover has been an okay experience. I've had some great teachers, some not so great ones. Sports have not been the greatest. I wish we had a larger group for sports and an athletic trainer. Our budget for sports is small and do not always get the greatest things.
It's a great school. A really small tight knit community. Small class sizes and a staff that really cares about student development.
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