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Dover-Sherborn Regional School District Reviews

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Dover Sherborn School district is one of the top notch school districts in the state. The high school equipped with nice classrooms, well kept hallways, and lovely Staff. The Middle school only 20 years old is amazingly modern with technology. The two Elementary schools that locate in the towns of Sherborn and Dover are very welcoming and enjoyable to learn in. The Sports and clubs are always very full of excitement (if you play Golf, Tennis, or Lacrosse, this is perfect for you as these sports have won states multiple times in the last 5 years). I feel very safe in my classroom all day and everyday whether I’m walking through the halls to the next class, or walking to the cafeteria. The cafeteria situated in between the middle and High-school serves very enjoyable food with plenty of seating options along with outdoor seating when the weather is nice.
Overly competitive Bullying. Parents over involved Hostile. Cutthroat school. Not good for your child’s mental health or self esteem
Dover-Sherborn is a tremendous academic institution. Students leave extremely prepared for post-secondary schooling.
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This was a great school- the education I received was thorough and overall really good. This stems from both the incredible teachers and the fact that there is a huge pressure for students to do well, so the students all try really hard and make the classroom very productive.
Dover Sherborn has an extremely strong academic curriculum. The teachers are all well qualified and trained to teach their respective subjects. Classroom resources are ample, and there is always guidance when needed. The school is fairly weak in other aspects, most notably in the arts. Funding for fine, visual, and performing arts is often nonexistant.
In the Class of 2018, I'm the only African-American METCO student. The METCO program is a voluntary integration program established in Boston in 1966 with the intention of providing an experience for Boston students to increase educational opportunities, reduce racial isolation and increase racial diversity.
Dover-Sherborn is an excellent high school. The teachers and staff show a lot of interest for the students and work really hard to create a positive and challenging learning environment. The school really teaches their students and prepares them for college. The school itself is in great condition and has great materials and resources. It could see some improvements with diversity.
I enjoyed how small the classes were and how personal the relationship between teacher and student was. Would have been nice to see some more diversity and also could have had more information on financial aid/scholarships for college.
Great school, amazing teachers. Small school, but very well funded. Little diversity and sub-par lunches are the only drawbacks.
The school cares more about their high ranking than the sake of their own students. As most other high schools, they are more fixated on grades than actual learning despite their mission statement.
Dover-Sherborn has fallen behind in recent years in its ranking in Massachusetts, but the school does still have a very strong academic profile. Many students are enrolled in honors and AP classes and teachers encourage learning whenever possible.
Dover-Sherborn was truly a phenomenal high school that prepared me very well for higher education. I had the privilege of competing in and out of the classroom. Academics are rigorous, but teachers are more than willing to help if you ask. Classes are always under 25 students so teachers know you and your learning style well. DS not only had amazing academics, but great sports teams. I was able to earn 6 varsity letters competing on the Indoor and Outdoor Track & Field team, and compete at the state level each year. I was also able to be involved in peer mentoring groups, the school newspaper, and a club that helps foster the character of younger athletes. Overall, DSHS truly gave me a strong foundation to flourish in higher education and in life.
Dover-Sherborn is very cliquey. There is no diversity whatsoever. The students tend to be very stuck up. There has been several fires set off in the bathrooms with an unknown arsonist. Teachers are all very good. I have learned a lot from them. Administration is the not the best. The assistant headmaster is way too involved. The food is horrendous. Every Tuesday is Pizza Tuesday. They get pizza in from a local pizza store which is actually quite good, but when it gets served at the school it is nasty. The school is very outdated. It is straight out of the 1980s.
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