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I think the Dover School District is very good. The teachers are great and the atmosphere in the Dover School District is good. The one thing I would complain about would be the lack of diversity. The majority of students are white which is kind of disappointing.
Good school, very supportive to all, love the CTC programs offered. Good staff, good facilities, diversity is not that great but what can you expect from New Hampshire. But full of opportunities for those who go there.
The teachers seem very enthusiastic about their jobs, the school is clean and new, but the students are very cliquey and it’s hard to make friends there.
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Usually pretty good, especially with the new high school. Had some issues with a few teachers who were out of line.
Dover High School has the career technical center which allows students with many more opportunities to better prepare them for college as well as take more specific classes that better interests them. The school is brand new, which is nice however the administration doesn't work with students as well as one would hope. They push for "student voice" but shut down student councils ideas once they are proposed.
Dover is a very good school with many unique opportunities. Through the CTC programs students are offered real life work experience. The school is what you make of it. most teachers are very kind and helpful.
New facility is a major plus. Programs offered are inclusive and made easily available. Being connected to the CTC center and the outstanding programs offered can set any student up for success. If I had any concerns it would be the the athletic department. The lack of skilled coaches and the coaches limited understanding of the value of communication, not only with the student but with the community(press releases).
We moved to the Dover School District specifically for my son who has an IEP. He had hearing and speech issues that we needed to overcome. We relied heavily on outside services until moving to this area. Now with the excellent teachers, supportive school and resources, he is finally able to excel. We are so happy for our move to this area, it was the best decision for our children.
Dover schools are very full; class sizes are not always manageable for teachers. New facilities seem to be too small before they are even in use.
Dover does a fantastic job with all programs, especially the Career Tech programs! Highly recommend! Great school, dedicated teachers!
Dover has been all I've known since kindergarten- the new beginnings of elementary school, awkward phases in middle school, and final endings of high school. What I love most about Dover is the culture- every morning I'm greeted by the faces of my friends, old and new. I hang out with my best friend from kindergarten along with someone I started bonding with just days before. Same with the teachers. There are some teachers that students feel so connected with like there is no border between students and staff.
As for negatives, I, along with all other students I have talked to, feel a strong disconnect between the faculty and the students. We bring up issues, suggestions, and ideas and they only get addressed to shut us up. It feels as though higher-level will acknowledge our concerns yet feel the need to decide "yes" or "no" right off the bat.
Overall, the Dover School district is one that will be known for its culture and connection, and lesser for its administration.
Dover High is a nice school and everyone is pretty nice. They do have terrible communication skills about any events and I wish to see that change.
My experiences with multiple children in all three of Dover's elementary schools have been equally and very positive. Teachers and staff are engaged and supportive, and a cooperative learning atmosphere is encouraged. Rating: 4 to 5 stars.

I have not been quite as pleased with Dover Middle School. I feel it is too large and that some kids who require extra attention (but not full support services) are not getting it. Also at times the faculty seem overly rigid and not flexible enough to accommodate students' individual home or academic challenges. Overall, it's a great school if your child is more self-supporting and independent. Rating 3.

My children have not yet attended Dover High School so my rating does not reflect it.
Deans at Dover rely on “buzzwords” like “student voice” and “community” to make it seem like they are doing things to influence the school positively and give themselves a better image, when in reality they allow bullies and troublemakers to escape consequences for their actions whilst punishing the rule following majority of the student body by revoking privilege that were never problematic to begin with. Dover High School just had a beautiful multimillion dollar facility built that was designed for more student freedom, but for undisclosed reasons, administration has felt the need to completely restrict access to the areas called “learning commons” for most kids, so these areas go unused. Meanwhile, students get away with selling drugs, vaping, and assaulting each other in the bathrooms or other areas without consequences for their actions.
Great teachers, many activities to be involved in. Wish there was more diversity and a sense of together-ness.
I liked the extra programs surrounding UNH such as the Animal Science program as well as the Culinary program. Those extra programs prepared kids for their future with hands on learning and experiences. However core classes such as English and Math were poorly taught during my time in the Dover School District. The schools themselves were falling apart and classrooms were too small for the amount of kids in each class. I am very happy the town is getting a new high school and I hope with the new school comes better education systems.
I like how there is no bullying, how everybody is friendly to each other, and the programs you can't find at any other high school.
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The Dover School district is great and has excellent facilities. I just wished the students would appreciate them more instead of trashing them like they always do.
great school, but the community is very clique-filled with lots of diversity and no assimilation. teachers can be off topic rather quickly and then throw a test on top of everything, causing extreme stress, anxiety, and depression in the student body. side walks outside of school where students walk are icy in winter and hazardous. many bomb threats through out my high school time.
I like the sense of community within the district. Everyone truly comes together to better the atmosphere. I think communication amongst the parents could improve. A lot of parents have problems or concerns they would like to see addressed, and I feel that if they banded together they would be more likely to see change occur.
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