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Dover School District Reviews

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Overall the school was pretty average. The art classes were phenomenal. Most of the teachers were polite and helpful.
Dover High is a very close family. Everybody knows everybody and some are even friends with the lower grades. The staff and administration is really good. We have a great variety of clubs/organizations.
What I like about dover is the faculty, the teachers are really nice, and they can be a big help when you dont understand something
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I loved my experience at Dover High School. My most memorable part of school was the teachers and the welcoming atmosphere. My friends and I always felt safe and we knew that our teachers were working their hardest to teach us everything that we needed to know. If I could change one thing regarding our district, it would be the lunches. I know this is a minimal detail; however, I feel that if there were more choices then most of our students would feel satisfied.
Dover High School is a very small school. It's a good high school. The teachers are really good. Overall, it is a decent school.
I really like that this school is really small and welcoming to new students. It is nice that everyone knows everyone. The teachers and staff are very helpful and nice. I would everything is great about this school.
I love how small Dover is and how in times of darkness we all come together. But I would wish to see in the future more opportunities for kids to be more active and be able to learn more about college.
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