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I liked how welcoming the staff was and how they made sure that I was comfortable and felt welcome. They would check on me daily when they would see me to make sure I was happy. The only thing that I wish was different would be that the students wouldn't be so clique-ish and not welcoming.
I like that is a small school and allows a smaller student to teacher ratio. Administration is good and easy to talk to. Mrs Miller is the best GT coordinator ever
I would like to see the staff be more aware and cautious of what they say and do. I would also like to see the staff allow students more freedom and allow seniors to carry on senior traditions or at least creat some.
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I am currently a college freshman, and I feel very behind... I was always told high school is what prepares you for college but I feel like Dover didn't do a very good job with certain aspects. Now that I am about to complete my first semester I have grown and improved a lot with study habits, staying on task, and staying organized.
My experience with the Dover School District was one that I will hold near and dear for the rest of my life. From the day I stepped into the building as kindergartner all the way to my last step out of the High School I felt welcomed and loved. The administration and faculty were far from none. They supported up in and out of class, if it meant traveling to away sports events or spending extra time on a assignment so you would understand. Dover School District may not be the biggest for have the most money, but they know how to treat their students and prepare them for the future.
Overall the school was pretty average. The art classes were phenomenal. Most of the teachers were polite and helpful.
Dover High is a very close family. Everybody knows everybody and some are even friends with the lower grades. The staff and administration is really good. We have a great variety of clubs/organizations.
What I like about dover is the faculty, the teachers are really nice, and they can be a big help when you dont understand something
I loved my experience at Dover High School. My most memorable part of school was the teachers and the welcoming atmosphere. My friends and I always felt safe and we knew that our teachers were working their hardest to teach us everything that we needed to know. If I could change one thing regarding our district, it would be the lunches. I know this is a minimal detail; however, I feel that if there were more choices then most of our students would feel satisfied.
Dover High School is a very small school. It's a good high school. The teachers are really good. Overall, it is a decent school.
I really like that this school is really small and welcoming to new students. It is nice that everyone knows everyone. The teachers and staff are very helpful and nice. I would everything is great about this school.
I love how small Dover is and how in times of darkness we all come together. But I would wish to see in the future more opportunities for kids to be more active and be able to learn more about college.
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