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Dover City School District Reviews

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Dover was not an enjoyable experience for me. The academics were sub par and there were only a few good teachers. Sports is the main focus of the school and favoritism is shown frequently. Also, many people are related to each other, and these students get special privileges.
Wonderful teachers and wonderful reputation in the area and by the state. I grew up in the district k-12 and had a family member who was a teacher in the district. A new high school is currently being built which has been a long time coming. The future students deserve a top of the line learning environment and I am very excited to see how it benefits our community.
Dover City Schools are just great. They are kid friendly, and has many activities for everyone. Football, basketball, soccer, tennis and golf. They also have clubs like SAFE, chess club, art club, and many others. Dover is a great place for a family. The teachers and staff are so sweet and nice. They help make sure their childern understand the material and works with them to better their future. I spent four years here and I loved every moment. Everyone is friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a kid friendly, raising a family, Dover City Schools District is the place.
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Dover City Schools is a great district to grow up in. You are provided with many opportunities and memories you will cherish throughout your whole life.
The Dover City School District has made me feel as though I am ready for college and had provided me the resources to do so.
Amazing teachers, amazing athletics, and amazing community involvement, Dover is arguably the best town in the nation for kids to grow up in a tightly-knit and loving family.
Overall, Dover Schools are a great place to receive an education. Some aspects were better than others, but in total, they try to achieve the best education for their students.
Decent faculty for the most part, but the rude, grumpy, and mean staff members stand out in my head more. I feel like I didn't really take much away from here besides sports are more important than academics and old people don't like change.
I love Dover High School and have great respect for the teachers that I have had. I love how close-knit the whole school is but, I would like their to be a new school building considering our school is 102 years old. I would also like their to be a police officer in the building making it safer for all of the students.
When I was a student at Dover Schools, I was very involved with academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. My involvement in so many different activities allowed me to see what made Dover Schools so special compared to other surrounding schools. The thing that made Dover different was the sense of community you felt as a student. Everything that happens at Dover the community is very involved in. Looking back I realized how many adults with or without students cared about my success during school and supported me in anyway possible. The high school is in need of new facilities but due to the support of the community once again, the levy for a new school passed and a new school will be built in the next couple of years.
I like how the website is set up, everything is easily accessible and formatted nicely. One thing I would change is allowing the search to be filtered more. Other than that the website is pretty nice.
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