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I have been a student at Dover all my life and couldn't imagine attending any other school. The opportunities, experiences, and support that I have received at Dover has been a huge pary of helping me reach my goals. Being an active student at Dover has prepared me for the real world.
One thing that I loved about Dover was the teachers. The size of my school allowed for relationships to be built. The few teachers I have grown close to have taught me lessons beyond textbooks; about college, relationships, and managing time. The guidance they have given me has been a stepping stone in my learning. It is something that I will always be grateful for when I look back on my high school experience.
While I mostly enjoyed my time at Dover, there are some things I wish would change. While our school district is currently building a brand new school, there are more improvements beyond the physical foundation that should take place. I personally wish my school was more open-minded and thought bigger. With the construction of the new school, I have seen my school grow and provide more resources, encouragement, and opportunities to flourish in the community. Though it has greatly strengthened, I would change the lack of opportunities and motivation to strive for more.
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They have invested in building a new high school and the athletics program is becoming better. They also have a fantastic music program starting around 4th grade.
Dover High School is an okay place to receive fundamental education that may prepare a student for the next level. Many alum do not choose to pursue higher level education, however. I would like to see Dover implement change to better help their students prepare for standardized exams such as the SAT and ACT so that they have more options when college searching.
Dover Area School District has provided my class with a quality education in a well liked neighborhood. This school district is very opportunity driven.
The support of the staff that work in the district take a approach to all students needs and future. They focus on every student, everyday, whatever it takes, to make each one of them graduate on time, and life ready. We are truly Dover Proud in our district as a community.
The teachers at Dover Elementary are wonderful and it is nice how they have different pathways you can go through for graduation. However, I would like to change the way schedules worked and the requirements to graduate.
I live in the Dover area school district but am homeschooled.I have participated in some sports there and have used the track. I also have reviews from some people that have gone there. The academic standpoint was not very good the teachers did not really teach. Children were allowed to use their phones and watch netflix because the teachers did not care. They were getting paid, what else was of interest to them. I do believe that there are those who actually do care, it is just that there are not enough of them
My personal experience with Dover Area High School has been a tough, college-readying trip that has set me up to succeed in college. The challenging classes and coursework have forced me to manage a schedule and work diligently to complete all my work and still have time for work and lacrosse. My teachers have always helped me to succeed and have always done a good job to fully educate me on the curriculum.
Education is rather easy, and not challenging. It got rather boring because of this. Lunches were mediocre. Teachers are very nice though and I enjoy my experience here.
While there was just a couple teachers that I was not fond of, most teachers I had were awesome and truly cared about making learning fun and getting to know students. Some of our buildings are old, lack air conditioning, and we don't have enough field space for all sports. Overall, I am happy that I attended Dover Area High School.
Lots of opportunities to participate in activities. Teachers know their students and value them. I took advantage of student government, sports, clubs, volunteering, and leadership options as they presented themselves and leave my school with no regrets. I honestly don't know what else I could have done to make it more fulfilling. Thanks, Dover, from K-12!
I really like Dover Area School District because it has helped me here and there with getting ready for college. The sports are a little on the bad side though. We have had a few incidents happen, coaches picking sides, parent coaches, etc. The safety is awesome, we haven't really had anything spectacular happen, just a few typical high school fights and some possible threats. The food however sucks, they try to make it look good but it's just not the best tasting and its portions are so small.
My experience at Dover High School was your average "high school experience." I was involved with mostly honors and AP classes. In the classes I was being prepared for college courses I will take, and I was provided with an excellent teacher to help/encourage me. The teachers at Dover go out of their way to make sure you understand. They offer extra hours before and after school. We also have electives. We have many clubs and activities for any student. We have clubs for artists, poets, business students, etc. We make sure every student at Dover feels welcome.
I’d like to see the attitude of students and teachers both to improve to make the school a friendlier, more positive environment. As an alumni of Dover High I’ve never see so much judgement in one area.
Every school that I have been in has been wonderful all around. My children have attended Leib, North Salem, and Dover Elementary and have had nothing but the best experiences. From teachers to administrators to students the relationships are always encouraging. Kudos for a small district being so engaged with their students!
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My experience at Dover Area Highschool, it was not the worst but it was not exactly the best. I moved to Dover in the 5th grade, and from 5th until 8th i encountered a lot of bullying. I guess that is one major thing i would like to see change, I would like the school to pay more attention to the victims of bullying, and if they cant exactly say that the student is being bullied look for the signs. Bullying has taken so many young lives and it is time we put an end to it, and the best way is to start in school, and make the students aware it is not okay to degrade and make others feel so horrible that they have to harm themselves.
Dover Area High School is a school where I feel like I can express myself. They have a diverse set of clubs, and amazing teachers that help prepare you for beyond academics. I am thankful to go to this high school, and believe that being a Dover Eagle is a great honor.
My experience at Dover High School has been very enjoyable. The staff and classes are very up to date and do a good job at making sure you understand and retain the information you are taught. something that they need to improve on is their use of I Pads. Dover spent tons of money on I Pads for every student and half the the teachers don,t even use them in their academics. I hope in the future they are more included or gone from the system.
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