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The administration and teachers are very unreliable, faulty classrooms and lunch is also very poor. I am a senior and I believe we as seniors are not pushed as much to strive for success. It is hard to go out and do something with your life when living in this town, where people try to bring you down and its a very bad influence here also. It is very hard here although if you really are aware and want to do better for yourself then you will succeed.
Form personal and experience, DUSD has provided a great education for both my sibilings and I. Although, I would like to see more rules being enforced.
One thing that I really like of Douglas High School is that the counselors help us filing for the FAFSA. Which means the want us to have a better future.
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My school is the only public High School in my town. Within the school, there are about 1,500 students enrolled in this 2018-1019 academic year. The school staff tries their best to encourage the students to excel in their classes and in the state test. Unfortunately, only a couple 300 students only have that kind of motivation for the same kids that do their best academically, are also in extracurricular activities. Aside from having many activities to do, those same students are also being looked upon ,by the school, to do well in that state test due to the other students not wanting to do good.
The teachers of DUSD #27 are so engaged in their students and will willingly go out of their way to help them in any way they can!
Unfortunately the funds of this district are not well used in the High school sector. teachers do not meet the needs of the students. some of the teachers are not proficient in English.
DUSD #27 provided my peers and I an enriching education and experience. In my twelve years attending schools within DUSD #27, I have had no problems with teachers nor administrators but instead the very opposite. The teachers and administration were always willing to help a student or parent with any kind of problem or concern that was had. In my twelve years of attending schools within DUSD #27 I have found the education to be of exceptional quality and the expirience was also great.
I would like to see resources that are needed and to get rid of outdated books. There should be equal recognition not just for those who have a "4.0"
The school is overall good, however the principal is not the best. I've heard many teachers complaining about the principal's poor decisions. Also I am being forced to take a class I don't want, I could've taken a class in the medical field that would've been better for my future career, however they decided to give me a class I don't need.
I have been a part of the Douglas Unified School District since fifth grade because I went to a charter school before that. My overall experience has been good. I like that it is a small community because everyone is able to communicate easily. Something I would like to see change is the security. Even though they are very nice people, I don’t think they could protect the students in a time of need.
Douglas High School was a good high school. There were lots of clubs that students can join. Some students are able to join AP classes.
I would like to change the favoritism there is in the high school not only by the teachers but by coaches. There is plenty of favoritism among students which I personally dislike
Everybody in school are so friendly, they have a good variety of Honors and AP classes, but I think the should have a little bit more for some students that have different preferences.
It was a good high school for a small town very friendly acedemic wise it has all that you need for a high school, but having a media class as an elective is really aweso me for a high school.
Douglas is a small town there for the schools are fairly small, which is good for one on one learning. Many different people attend the schools in the Douglas Unified School District so the environment is very diverse. The only downfall is because Douglas Schools do not have a lot of money supplies and resources are limited and outdated.
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