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Douglas County West Community Schools Reviews

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I transferred here last year and the teachers really helped me with my transition. They really help you get ready for college and they offer the ability to take college classes. The only thing I would change is maybe allowing for more variety of classes
Coming to DC West in 5th grade was necessary for me to be able to achieve my goals in sports. Although I didn't really have a choice at the time, I do not regret coming here. The small town feel is great, as you get to know all the students and you can create a good bond with the teachers. Personally, I love going to a small school, because it gives you endless opportunities, whether it be in sports or other extracurricular activities, such as One Act.
once you find your group of people, its a really good place to grow academically and has a lot of classes that prepare you for college through academics and technology use. I graduated from here with 30 duel credits, all transferred to my out of state university. I was also usually the most knowledgeable person of google docs, sheets, excel, word, powerpoint and like programs (considering I'm not a technology major).
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At DC West, I felt like we were all one big family. Due to our small numbers, everybody knew everybody. There was hardly a day that went by where i didn't enjoy going to school. All the teachers are incredibly friendly, and many of them are going to be lifelong friends. As a freshman, the culture around athletics at DC West was that we were bad and we couldn't change that, but my class has helped change that. As juniors, we had our first winning season in over a decade. The work that my classmates and I have put in has set the foundation for years of athletic success to come. If I had the opportunity to go to another high school, I would definitely choose DC West all over again; it is my home. Go Falcons.
I came to DC West my freshman year of high school from Katy, TX. It was a big change in size but I have really come to enjoy being in a small environment. Being in a small school, I have been able to try a lot of different activities that I never thought I would be a part of.
Douglas County Community Schools are a great small town school district. All the teachers are very involved and invested in making sure the students are actually learning and comprehending lessons. The environment is never negative and students are always smiling or laughing in every classroom. More than half of the high school is involved in extracurricular activities, which is phenomenal!
The teachers and staff are generally friendly. Great small school feel and one on one attention. Preferential treatment for rich kids and athletes though.
Being a part of a small school has its advantages...and its disadvantages. On the one hand, I was able to participate in as many activities and clubs as I wanted. On the other hand, since it was such a small school, many of the sports and activities had little to no support. I hope that in the future, our school building can be improved and our support can be spread out to cover all of the sports and activities.
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