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The IB Program brings up the schools statistics. The school is average but it is the top in the county.
Mostly great teacher, I did have one teacher that creeped me out but he got fired for hitting a student. Teachers are altogether kind and caring, help me a lot in classes and care if I learned or if I didn't understand it. I would like to see more effort with the students emotions, lots of people get pushed around. Lots of fights but the teachers are quick to stop them. Overall a good school, could be better though.
I have been attending school in the Douglas County School System since Kindergarten. I am currently a junior and I have enjoyed my time in school. I would love for there to be more classes that relate more to real life. For example, home ec and classes about taxes and bills.
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I have lived in Douglas County for over 12 years now. I am now a junior at Alexander High School. I attended Yeager Middle School and North Douglas Elementary and all three schools have been a good experience.
I personally like the fine arts side to the school district. There's a lot of people who come out to support fine arts, but most funding, nowadays, goes towards sports. I wish there was more funding towards the fine arts programs.
I like that new principals come in and change things for the better. Teachers in douglas county are nice but you also run into teachers who dont care much about your education and wont even try and teach you. I would like to see that douglas county schools will regulate the bus schedules.
I really liked the fact that some of the bonds you make with teachers are life long. I still have many idols I look up to from my school. I also really appreciate how far and beyond the staff goes to help guide students, keep students confident and try their hardest to help students succeed. There really isn’t anything I would change about my school.
I love how Douglas county schools teachers care about there children and always make sure they are in a safe friendly environment
Douglas county is an amazing school with a very rigorous academic course. The theater program is absolutely wonderful
I graduated from Douglas county high school. I can honestly say that Douglas county schools have a rigorous and effective learning environment that helps motivates it students to succeed.
The school system was always making improvements when it came to bus routes, high school magnet programs, and more. The Board of Education paid for all IB exams students took at the IB program at Douglas County High, saving my family hundreds of dollars and allowing me to have chances to earn college credit.
My experience in Douglas County Schools was good for Elementary and Middle school the staff was great. When I got to high school the staff was ok. The high school counselor need some work on building students confidence on graduating.
Douglas County High School has many teachers who actually care about your learning and education and that run an extra mile for you. The Principal makes sure he engages with students, and he makes school run smoothly.
I have been going to Douglas County Highschool for two years. These past two years have been fun at this school. I feel very involved and know that each teacher and admin. believe in the student to do anything to the best of their ability. The school has a great learning environment with teacher to help you when in need. All in all, I am happy to be a D.C. tiger.
Majority of the teachers at Alexander high school school actually care about our education. Along with the administrative staff , they make sure to put their best foot forward and assist students in becoming their best selves academically and socially .
Attended 12 years. Teachers were available for tutoring. Prepared me for college. Support from community leaders, businesses and organizations.
As much I enjoyed high school Douglas County needs to improve on the cleanliness of the school and tenth grade literature teachers.
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Douglas County has been very good for me as a high school student. I am in the International Baccalaureate program at Douglas County High School, and this program has prepared me for college in ways that I didn't realize I needed. Also, it has taught me an understanding of other cultures and points of view.
I attended Alexander High School, it is a great school with a lot of amazing opportunities to study what you love and enjoy. There are lots of great teachers and the schools are very diverse.
Douglas county schools vary. I've had great experiences with some teachers, and poor experiences with other teachers. I only went to Chapel Hill High, and New Manchester High. I feel the schools are getting much better overall though. I'm grateful to say, there haven't been any school shootings at any Douglas county school. I will say when I failed some portions of my GHSGT, Chapel Hill High School worked with me so I could take math summer classes and re-took the math portion and passed! I then had another program where I took summer social study courses for the GHSGT and successfully passed. I feel they are very supportive to students that are struggling with certain areas.
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