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Douglas County School District Reviews

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Douglas is a small town. The teachers make the work environment feel safe as well as make themselves available outside of school hours to ensure the success of their students. The curriculum is not overwhelming but does provide enough to prepare you for what to expect later on in life. The school quality overall is very clean and the faculty members definitely take pride in this. Finally, I believe that this school is in a setting where students are able to succeed in the classroom as well as in their day to day lives.
In the past few years, Douglas County School District has exceeded its goals in better educating and inspiring its students. They have always been extremely compliant and open to the public’s opinion. This school district is beyond phenomenal.
I loved attending Douglas High School! I felt like I belonged there every time I walked into the building. The teachers are amazing and really want the students to succeed.
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Very good community. Safe environment from elementary school all the way to a senior in high school. The main issue is that our teachers are not getting paid enough and we are forced to be taught common core, with standardized tests changing every year.
I just graduated from Douglas, this school was pretty great met a lot of people made a whole bunch of friends. One thing I would change about the district is they should change the way the teachers teach. One teacher I really admired and really looked forward to being in his class everyday was Mr. Stone, Rob Stone. This is a teacher I would really recommend to students by the way he taught us about life and told us what it was really going to be like.
Douglas County High School prepared me for college, while also giving me all the great opportunities of being a high schooler!
My experience during my stay at Douglas County School District was not my cup of tea. The environment was not horrible but could be way better. Not everyone is included in the put on activities at the schools. All in all the school is okay, brings out well-educated people.
I received a good quality of education from mostly great teachers. There is always room for improvement, however. I was never informed about many resources the school offered and there was not much diversity. Sadly, a larger budget would be the best solution to a school that's been forced to focus on science and chooses to put too much money into sports.
I have had such a great experience going to Douglas County School’s. I have been going to their school’s since elementary school and have loved every second of it. My middle school years were a little rough, but who’s isn’t? I hope to have children who will some day go to one of Douglas County’s school’s.
I preferred Douglas County to any other school districts I had recently taken a part of because the atmosphere was like that of a close family.
I had a very positive experience throughout my education with the Douglas County School District. The teachers I had from Kindergarten through high school have been exceptional and inspiring, and the opportunities I've had have been amazing.
I've grown up here my entire life and I've enjoyed being able to grow up with the same kids all my life. I don't think there is much to change about my school but I would like to see all students get drug tested not just those who are in sports.
We have a really good county they care about their community and the people. Douglas county also puts on event for the schools and community. For example Douglas High School recently had Mike Smith a guest speaker come to our school and talk to us because the Douglas county sheriffs department sponsor his visit. Douglas county also outs on events for our community like movies in the park and it really brings our community together when events are planned by the county.
The thing that I like about Douglas High School is the teachers because they help you so much in school and help you shape up for the future.
I like Douglas High School. They have great opportunities and offerings.
I like that they offer welding, auto, and agriculture programs.
I wish they offered more languages besides Spanish and French.
I really like using this website because the format of the scholarships are easy to see and understand. Locating deadlines and scholarships I might be interested in are very user friendly. This is a great resource for anyone looking for scholarships that appeal to certain interests and are not highly time consuming.
The school is older but still very nice and clean. The teachers are helpful and supportive. The students are cheerful and happy to be there. I would like to see more time given at lunch.
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I graduated from Douglas high school in 2013, during my 3 years at this school i formed close friendships with my teachers and other students. The teachers here taught me a lot about how to get through the rest of my life, though I wish they would have offered classes on taxes, credit, and budgeting. These classes could have ensure my success in life after high school.
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