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Douglas County School District No. RE-1 Reviews

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I’ve really enjoyed school here, but really only because of the kids I go to school with. Douglas county itself has made so many stupid decisions with schooling, and make it overly difficult to do certain things like graduate early.
Overall the Academics in Douglas County is pretty good. Good core curriculum aswell as a good choice of classes. But the county does not diversify the money towards sports. The money goes straight to football, most of it. Other sports usually don’t get bus rides back so they can’t go unless their parents are availible
I would like to see more changes in our teacher pay, so they will be more opt to staying in the district. I know many teachers have left to go to Cherry Creek and others because it is expensive to live here and they cannot afford it because of the pay they receive here. I wish to also see a change in how district officials spend money. We cannot see where it goes and as a member of the public, I want to know how it is helping my school.
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Good experience through elementary, middle and high school. Teachers are nice and want to help you succeed. Path for graduation laid out nicely and easy to follow. thank you Douglas County School District!
When I attended ThunderRidge only a handful of my teachers cared about their students. By the time I graduated most of these teachers had left or were planning on leaving. The school district should do more to keep these quality teachers because they made learning fun and helped students stay involved and take accountability for their own education.
This was a great place to learn. Although, most of what I experienced was good, I experienced a lot of other students who didn't want to be in school at all and did all this bad stuff. But a lot of students were like me and just did the best we could while we were in school. I think if the security around the schools was tightened then it would be better. Something like more dog searches for drugs and alcohol would be a good thing.
Our school district is overall really good. Some of the teachers don't know what they are talking about and its very confusing being in their class. Other then that it is a very good school district.
I received a solid college prep High School education. My access to AP and pre-IB classes have given me the foundation I needed to be a successful college engineering student.
My school district has failed to put the student first. They care more about what goes into their own bank account over education. Teachers are treated so poorly they can barely afford to live. The only reason the district has good face value is because of the incredible teachers involved. But the district is losing the teachers because they can't afford to live like this anymore. Students needs are constantly ignored. we have bathrooms locked, outdated textbooks, and broken airconditioning units. Overall, my district has provided a prime example of what not to do.
The Douglas County School District is overall a great place to learn and a great community to be a part of. The academics are very good and there is a wide variety of classes to take and activities to participate in. Anything that you are interested in there is a club or sport to fulfill your interests. It is an overall very safe place to spend the week where you will feel cared for. Some of the downsides of the school district is the lack of adequate resources for teachers and students. This includes the amount of space in schools. Overcrowding is very common as incoming classes continue to grow in size. The hallways in the schools are very camped. Another thing that could be improved is the amount of working personnel dedicated to helping students understand the college process and the next steps after high school. However, despite’s these few short comings the school district is very good and continues to improve each year.
I like that they try to find programs like band and the extra curricular activities, but overall staff is horrible and many of the teachers in the district don’t teach very well and when students such as myself reported teachers faults to the administrators I was told it was only my opinion and when I’ve reported threats or things such as teachers not following protocol during things like lock downs and fire drills and just in general teaching protocol nothing was to make a change and the teachers kept not following protocol and I’ve heard of thing not only at Legend but at others schools in the district. Serious issues are NOT taken near as seriously as they should be in Douglas County. I have very little good things to say but Legend HS only has a good reputation because of the band.
Just moved 5 kids into the district from out of state and we have been so happy. Two in elementary school and three in high school. Amazing teaching!
My school is one of the best school in Douglas County, but it is not easy to make friends. I enjoyed being part of Spanish Honor Society. It gave me the opportunity to volunteer at Hispanic organizations like the Museo de las Americas. I learned a lot about art and poetry by volunteering , there and really enjoyed it.
Higher level courses with good teachers, entry level teachers - not so much. They make a good attempt to integrate technology, but their systems do not always work. There are many options for courses, activities and types of schools to fit every type of student. Physical plants need upgrades and maintenance.
Overall I feel like I am well prepared to go onto college after attending kindergarten through my senior year at ThunderRidge HS in Douglas County School District. We have diverse teachers with teaching styles that really help everyone learn. We have a lot of school spirit and this makes it fun to come to school everyday.
I enjoyed attending Douglas County Schools. I would love to see an outreach for enhancing diversity.
I like the community that this school district has given to Castle Rock. It creates an environment where students can be whoever they might aspire to be without having any regrets after leaving high school.
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I find it strange that the county I live in is one of the richest in all of Colorado, yet our school district is almost completely broke. Overall though, the teachers are nice and the students aren't terrible.
The school board can be a little crazy at times. It's a richer county, but the schools pul from both Highlands Ranch, one of the richest neighborhoods, and Castle Rock, one of the poorest neighborhoods. Sometimes the economic discrepencies are obvious. Also, it's like 90% Caucasian.
I attended Douglas County High School from freshman through senior year, I also was a member of the international baccalaureate program and was very satisfied with this program.
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