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Dorchester School District No. 2 Reviews

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I had a very good experience going to the schools in this district. The teachers are extremely nice and know what their doing.
I have had many wonderful relationships with my teachers. They have been encouraging and have gone above and beyond the classroom to show me support. My coaches have also played an incredible part in shaping who I am today. I have had many opportunities because of going to Dorchester 2 and opportunities continue to pour in as I make my college decision.
Dorchester District 2 is a very good school district to be apart of. The quality of the education is outstanding.
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Dorchester District 2 is one of the lowest funded districts in the state, so I understand the deteriorating facilities at Summerville High School, but there are rats and roaches throughout the school which needs to be taken care of. I have had friendly teachers, but there are also teachers who don't care or teach out of the book and many students fail. I don't love the school, but it's not bad.
I appreciate the education value of the school here as well and how dedicated the teachers are to adapting to the learning styles of the students.
The teachers genuinely cared for their students, however the students were angry and frustrated. Although the faculty cared about the student body, they were not great at teaching the materials.
There are little to no problems with the district. I have been in this district since the beginning of my academic career. The teachers are friendly and helpful. The schools offer many clubs and programs. Free and reduced lunch is offered to applicable students. The schools no only participate among themselves, but with the community by helping out with community service and participating in annual parades and events.
Well, I’m homeschooled, so I like not having to deal with the heathens that call themselves public school kids. My teacher is amazing, the food is awesome, and I’m mostly normal (except I don’t know what thicc is, and I wish someone would tell me its definition). Diversity for the county is okay; however Summerville high school seems very hesitant and resistant to put homeschoolers on their teams. My schoolwork is tough, but I learn something everyday.
In my opinion, my experience at Dorchester District 2 has had it's ups and downs. I can honestly say that I've had more good experience's than bad. There are a few things that have stood out to me in the past 11 years being in this district. When I am at school, I feel very safe. At Summerville High School, they have specific rules set in place for everyone's safety, which really assured me I was always in good hands. I will say that the resources in reference to classrooms are very limited at most times. If there was anything that I would change it would be making sure that the classrooms have enough resources (laptops) for the class number to all be able to have one. Also, I would minimize the time in between classes, so kids don't just stand around in the halls and they go straight to their class to get where they need to be.
They had good teachers and prepared me well for college. However, they were all about sports and didn't care about Fine Arts. They also had a lot of illegal things going on that they covered up.
They are an under appreciated school district. As with any large form of people you will have your errors but they really try to work on their mistakes and fix them. The money is not what matters but the students education and their ability to succeed
The teachers were very caring and treated students as if they were their own children. However, the district does not have a very heavy hand on disciplinary actions and let cases of expulsion where the students should have been expelled slide and they did not face strong enough punishments.
More chairs and good staff is definitely required and more school space is needed and sufficient lunches and actually a school not not a jail food would be greatly appreciated
DD2 is a great school district with outstanding educators. Changes are made every few years to ensure that your student is being taught what they need to get the careers and academic advancements they require for college. DD2 also holds amazing standards in academics, sports, and diversity between their schools.
I think the learning objectives for each class are well written to ensure that students are learning the most important information that will be beneficial to them later in life. I think some of the faculty do not treat students equally, and it is not fair.
The salary was a slightly higher than surrounding districts. Administration was overly involved with all aspects of the school. Administration did not trust her people to carry out assigned duties and micro-managed staff.
Pretty good school district, great athletic teams in all types of athletics. Great food choices, so many options to choose from, unlike any other school I've attended. Good safety precotions. Teachers are normally willing to work with student during ILT if they need help on anything.
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The Dorchester School District No. 2 is extremely friendly and helpful. The amazing teachers as well as the facilities have helped me unlock my academic potential. However, the district can work on college readiness by making classes more selective. For example, classes such as, AP Calculus AB, AP Physics, etc., demand an immense amount of work ethic from students. Nonetheless, only few of the students are actually willing to put in the work to become successful in the class.
They are open to programs such as the IB and AP programs, but they are horrible with relaying information.
My experience in Dorchester District has been average so far. It is not outstanding and has some things to work on
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