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Donegal School District Reviews

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Great group of teachers, small, caring environment. Support and challenge for teachers for students to grow and achieve goals.
Excellent child centered district. A solid focus on the whole child and skills for success as a community member.
There are caring and committed staff members. It is obvious that the district cares about its students and their families.
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I love Donegal. The best teachers, students and community. The Tribe always sticks together and supports one another.
I’ve been in the Donegal School District for 11 years and it’s always been a pleasure. They are fair when it comes to punishment and they are updated with this generation, being that everyone has their own chromebooks to use to help them study and learn in classes.
I would like to see more resources available for the students. Also the guidance counselor's should be more involved in the students. I haven't been able to meet my guidance yet, it's very disappointing.
I have been in the Donegal School District all my life and I have no complaints, the students, teachers, and faculty and staff treat the students like family.
Donegal provides big school experiences with a small school culture. Teachers care for students and lunches are restaurant quality. Best kept secret in Lancaster County!
I really like Donegal school district , I did not have a hard time the 3 years I been attending but I think the school needs to do something about bullying.
Donegal is a school spirited tribe and they always stick together no matter what happens in the community. Donegal is very good with keeping there students well being first and keeping everyone at their best behavior with their schooling and grades. The school is always looking for new ways to be better and bring in new Donegal Indians. It is such a well kept school.
Teachers are willing to help you for the most part. I would've liked to have a larger variety of course options to choose from each year.
I had an overall good experience at Donegal, I feel as though I was given a good education and overall the teachers cared about our well being and learning. The school is very close, however I felt that there could be more diverse class options for students to choose from.
The school is overall a good educational facility. I feel as though some of the educators are focused too much on having high grade percentages more so than the overall well being of their students.
My experience at Donegal has been wonderful. I recommend a Senior off campus program for shadowing/internships.
Typical American schooling experience, there are friendly teachers, and wide group of people to be friends with, everyone is civil with each other
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