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Dolores School District No. RE-4A Reviews

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The sports at Dolores were great for me. The coaches were very attentive and supportive. I liked the fact that there was always opportunity for extra gym time. On the other hand, the teachers were not as supportive as I would have liked, and in all reality this is why I am going to school. The sports should just be a perk. There is a lot of turnover with teachers and administration right now and I think it is causing too much disruption for the students. The math program has really suffered and I feel like I am not as prepared as I should be.
Dolores high school is ok. They value sports and education but the administration just wants to please the principals and teachers and forget about the students and what the students need. The school is very guilty of valuing certain sports of another like football over marching band. The teachers push the students alot.
The school does allow parent involvement. I would like to see the focus be on academics and college readiness, instead of such an emphasis on emotions.
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Dolores High School started off as a great school. Throughout the years though it has slowly gone down-hill, in my opinion at least. There are still some good teachers and classes, but things are just kind of goofy any more.
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