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I liked that Dollarway always payed homage to all the yesteryear classes. I believe that they should change the way that they engage with their students. Some of the teachers only come to work to get a check and not to teach. So once again, I believe that the teachers and faculties should change the way they interact with their students.
I love my school. The teachers care. We may not have the best everything, but our school district is moving in a positive direction.
My experience at Dollarway School district had been very intense. First off, I have not been aloud to be failure at Dollarway. No matter what, I have the support of my teachers and other staff members. My only bad experience at Dollarway is having to deal with peers that distract or hender my education.
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I like how everyone knew each other and if they didnt know you they would always speak and be nice. They would also ask if you need help.
Well for starters at Dollarway high school I would like for the school to be upgraded and funds. be put in to books and campus repaires also I want the facility tohave background check before being hired. and maybe also add new clubs and programs to the students class list but also even tho Dollarway does have its issues. I feel like it’s somewhat of a school that welcome all people and teachers do. the bust they can withwhat they are givin and that just about sums up some of dollarway.
My experience at Dollarway School District is the best. I am now a senior graduating May 15,2018. As my time here come to an end I can say that I’ve enjoyed myself. This school has made an great impact in my life and I’ve met so many great people here.
Dollarway overall is a decent school. Just like any district, it has it's ups and downs. However, Dollarway has more downfall than upcomings. As the years go by, we tend to have fewer teachers that encourages us and challenge us. It's as though they don't care anymore. Our currently principal at the high school (school year 2016-2017 and any other time after) doesn't even care. We have meetings and those meetings tends to downgrade us, lower our self esteem. Not many of our teachers are fit to teach high school level mentally or educationally. We have teachers who talk about us and to us any kind of way. There's not a big selection when it comes to our sports and clubs. The school is not really a place where you hope to accomplish something, it's more of just hoping to get out.
What i liked most about Dollarway School District is that everyone there is like family. Teachers/staff helped all students out the best way they can. Our motto was "No student left behind!" and everyone went by it. The school could use some changes with the learning techniques.
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