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I like the strictness of the schools. Like not too strixt, but definitely strict enough to keep you focused on fulfilling your dreams and succeeding in your future. They strongly push you to be successful and it has been an honor to attend Dodge County school systems in grow up in a GREAT learning environment.
I’m a senior at Dodge county high school. The system is getting nit picky with certain things which is causing the teachers to leave.
Grading procedure to be a honor graduate.Caue if you have a student that has really worked hard and was a decimal point from being a honor graduate.They can't be one because that stopped them.
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Dodge County High School grades 9th-12th was my best ecperience in school so far of my 18 years of life. I learned many things that I think will help me in the long run, as well as connected to others around me and forged important connections. The facilites are more than suffecient, and students are envelpoped in the atmosphere of the classroom by positive work ethic and determination. Here at Dodge County High School, Leaders and succesors of the world are made, and I keep my chin up and eyes with pride at the thought of being raised in such a rich leniage. I Couldn't have asked for a better place to have gone.
Loved the community even if it’s very small. It was home and was super lucky to live somewhere where my teachers were my neighbors.
I loved being apart of the Dodge County Alumni . We were always a upscale school. Our principal always made sure that we were doing the right things and made sure all of her students were responsible and respectful . She cared and not all principals care about they 600 students . If it was anything happenening personally she always made it her business she care for you I loved that about her! I loved my school.
Dodge County School system is great because of the large of amount of staff support students receive daily. If I had to change anything, I would increase the amount of college readiness courses. I am honored to be a part of Dodge County!
Overall, my experiences throughout the school system here were great. The teachers were very helpful and pushed me to learn and work hard to achieve my personal goals. If it weren't for the teachers and administrators, I would not push myself as hard as I do now to learn.
Dodge County Schools are outstanding. They are a safe environment for kids to learn without fear of being judged. The school is full of spirit and positivity.
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