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Dodge City Unified School District Reviews

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High bully rate , amazing facility . Lack teachers involvement. Traffic is an issue. Most clubs sports are great
I would like to see more diversity and acceptance of cultures. Overall, Dodge City School District is very authentic and supportive of their students and parents.
I love how the district really focuses on college readiness. The students are able to choose from a plethora of classes that tie in with a potential career choice to see if that career is for them, and it lets the students know what they want t do before college without wasting money on classes that are for a career they they don't want to pursue anymore . USD 443 also lets the student choose what type of High school Diploma they want, depending on if a particular student goes to college or not. by doing this if student A does not want to attend college, they don't have to attend as many required classes as student B, who is planning on further education.
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They are offering more and recently expanded. But when there isn't really other options out here like a private school this is what you have to deal with. I feel like if there was a private school better education maybe. lots of opportunities. They also don't do the best at telling students about scholarships or helping apply to scholarships for college. at least when i went there.
This has been one of the most caring district I have ever seen. They care for everyone no matter who you are or what you are. They want you at their schools be taught by one of the best teachers. This district cares for their employees.
I love the college, but they could be more organized for their students, especially when it comes to explaining fees and telling students exactly what they are going to be paying from the very beginning, rather than making them pay more at the last minute.
The school opened many new doors for me. Classes are very accepting of others. Teachers are great and try to give the students small clasession when possible to help with the learning experience.
Dodge City Unified School District is in my opinion one of the best! There is such a diverse population in this area and the faculty and staff are by far some of the best. We have had two teacher of the year recipients come out of our high school, which is amazing. I am proud to say I went to DCHS Public schools.
Dodge city is a peaceful, friendly, and organized community. I've being here for two months and I love it. The citizens around dodge are friendly and nice.
2 of Our kids went to public schools in Dodge City. Overall, good experience. District is over 80% Hispanic, which makes our kids minority - but they seemed to get along ok.
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