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Doddridge County schools are excellent. They have made my past twelve years of schooling challenging in the very best ways. I am so thankful I moved here in kindergarten because I would not want to miss out on such an amazing school experience. The middle school prepared me for high school and the high school is doing a stupendous job at preparing me for college. It will be a bittersweet moment to walk across the stage in May 2019.
Teachers are very nice, approachable, helpful, and hands on. They want to see each and every student succeed! Every subject is explained in detail and further into detail if needed. The classes are paced based on the majority of the students, so if the majority of students do not understand something, more time will be spent on what is not understood. This school is very inclusive of everyone and certainly fair! Everyone knows everyone in this school making it easy for students and teachers alike to communicate with each other. A good bit of teachers go out of their way to help students succeed; for example, they will stay after school and help students who need help in an area. I recommend going to this school district!
Doddridge Country Schools need to pay more attention to students individual needs. Most of the teaching staff is so overwhelmed with the school systems paper work that it hinders them from teaching the students like they should.
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While Doddridge County Schools are very good, I wish there was more diversity and I wish that we had more sports teams. We recently built some new facilities and have more on the way in the coming years, which is nice because it feels like not many people take care of what we have.
Doddridge County Schools have many positive qualities about their schools. In my personal experience, I have received a quality education. I believe that the staff has gone above and beyond to prepare their students to further their education in many fields of work. I am thankful and blessed to have had the opportunity to attend such a stupendous school system.
I have had a difficult time getting the high school to understand my daughter's mental health issues and to follow the 504 plan.
It was a very inclusive school. Bullying wasn't a real problem there and the academics were always top notch.
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