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Dobbs Ferry Union Free School District Reviews

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This is an amazing school district! If you are planning to move into the area this school will be great for your kids, they have the IB program which will help your child get ready for college. the teachers at the middle and elementary School are filled with amazing academics and staff as well!
My time at Dobbs Ferry was very good. The school is a supportive atmosphere with many teachers that care about your well-being. The students are very close due to small class sizes. There is little room to create a personalized schedule depending on the classes you take but most classes are very good. Overall, Dobbs Ferry is a good school for the average learner.
Alright school. College readiness is what truly mattered to me and I feel as if no other place would have done it better. Sports are a little too football oriented but running on the trail in track kind of makes up for it. Very safe and (mostly) clean school as well. You do see the occasional dead cockroach on the stairs.
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I liked the fact that the school offered IB classes which I believe prepares me for college in the best way possible. Also, the staff and teachers are really for the student and make me want to go to school everyday.
A district that lets the special needs children run around unsupervised and unattended: biting, kicking, screaming, and punching other students.
They have a bullying epidemic. Surprising how no one has been hurt by their shear incompetence. They continuously said the excuse "kids will be kids". Tell that to my therapist.
Teachers that are glorified babysitters. Such examples include: showing up drunk to class (this happened to me twice), making us do a worksheet that had no material we had learned while teacher went on the phone for 45 minutes, teachers who singled out students for bad behavior and humiliated them in front of the class, an instance of a teacher grinding on an administrator at a party.
Other more disturbing instances include: custodial staff at the elementary school screaming at and harassing students for not cleaning to the utmost degree, food that is rotten and disgusting, and a tenure program in obvious disarray.

Do not send your kids here.
I am a junior at DFHS and am enrolled in the IB diploma program. It’s a lot of work but I feel that it is preparing me for college. I love the students here and feel that everybody is very nice.
The Dobbs Ferry School District is a very welcoming and friendly education community in a small village in suburban New York. The small district size allows for small class sizes and a sense of camaraderie amongst the students, parents, and teachers. They have great facilities in each school building, and numerous resources available to their students. The teachers are incredible and extremely dedicated to their students; many of them have been teaching at the school for more than 10 years and will always go the extra mile for their students. They follow the cutting edge of technological advances with up-to-date online resources and equipment in-building.
I am a student of Dobbs Ferry High School and I find that especially with the MYP and IB programs, this school is pushing me to the best of my abilities and I know not to take my education for granted. I am incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to attend this school.
The school is in a safe location, allowing students to be safe while in and traveling to school. There is a wide array of classes for students to take if they are not involved in the full IB diploma track. Most teachers are invested in their students' success. The funding needs to be distributed a little more evenly to the theater program, science research, and smaller sports programs. Overall a good school to attend.
Dobbs Ferry School district has provided me with a great education and prepared me for the next phase of my life in college. The teachers and administration know all the kids by name. Class sizes were small, which gave me the opportunity to get to know my teachers and fellow classmates extremely well. It's nice to know that teachers looked out for you and were always available to help solve a problem, study for a test or just give you good advice and guidance. I know my parents pay A LOT in school taxes (they tell me often) but I am grateful for the opportunity to have such a meaningful, positive school experience.
The teachers support you, guidance department is stellar in assisting Seniors through this college selection/application process. Met lifetime friends. Schools have small classes, led to more one-on-one teaching.
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