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Dixon R-I School District Reviews

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Dixon has teachers who care about their students and their success. Small town school with hometown values.
The teachers are a hit or miss with their quality and ability. The administration leaves A LOT to be desired. They do very little to meet the needs of students outside of the middle education level.
I have been here since 2nd grade, and it's been fairly decent. The staff at the school district care for each of their students like their own children.
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Teachers are okay, but some can be too carefree with their students while some can be too strict. The school seems to really only care about sports but there are many clubs to join and have fun in that do not revolve around sports. The students are okay, everyone (like in any other school) has their groups. The food is kind of lackluster, but some days the food is better than others. Overall, there are a good amount of classes to choose from, the teachers are friendly and sometimes very helpful, and if you're really into sports, you'll like it here.
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