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I like the fact that i have a chance to see the variety of people. Bu i would like to see the counseling change.
My children received a good education at Dinwiddie Public Schools. They were afforded opportunities that helped them to be well rounded students. I have had no issues with teachers or the administration, but that also means that I am a hands on parent and I am visible at the schools and keep in contact with teachers and also talk to me children on a daily basis about what is going on at school and in life.
Dinwiddie has a broad spectrum of classes that help develop students. The classes have helped me establish what I want to do for a career. Without these classes, I would be lost in college. Also, the diversity of the school brings everyone together in unexpected ways. Teachers, students, and staff have developed the way that schools should be. Dinwiddie has been through many obstacles but still exceedingly goes beyond the expected.
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Dinwiddie High School is a rather large school with approximately 1,400 students. Despite that large number, every student is a part of a southern, caring community. This school does not have many fights and has little to no bullying. Our School spirit is remarkable especially when it comes to football and other sports; stands are packed, concessions sell out, and the crowd is flooded with students and community members wearing school colors. The teachers truly care for student's success regardless of if they know them. I personally can say that I feel safe here, which says a lot especially considering high school safety concerns these days.
A very nice environment centered around sports(mainly football). Located in the Country, with friendly people. Good School Teaching, but I wish there were much more career based classes to take.
Dinwiddie County Public Schools have prepared me for my college career. The teachers are caring and will go above and beyond to help you. My elementary school is a Blue Ribbon National Award Winning school. The teachers there are beyond dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring. Midway Elementary prepared me for Dinwiddie Middle school. Taking honors classes in the middle school prepared me for the dual enrollment and advanced placement courses at Dinwiddie High school. Through the use of ample technology resources, I feel prepared for my future once I graduate. Dinwiddie County Public Schools is a step above in helping their students become life long learners.
Dinwiddie high school is a pretty average school. However, there are many students who do not care about discipline and cause many violent outbreaks. The club diversity is also not very good. The only clubs that really receive any budget is sports. Any fine art programs that the school has is very under budgeted, so many students do not join those clubs because they do not seem appealing. I feel if the school looked at all students talents equally and added more clubs for the students, the students would have more academic activities to keep them busy instead of getting into unnecessary fights.
My experience at Dinwiddie High School has been a very eventful and charachater building experience. The people at Dinwiddie High School, insure that the student body is prepared and taken care of in case of emergencies and they also bring a positive attitude towards learning. The staff are willing to see the students, get better at their particular passions and goals.
Great teachers it is a secure environment they really make you feel welcomed. The school is really clean always the principal even motivates. Its the people who make the school great.
I liked the sports at the school and the culinary group. I really enjoyed the AP teachers and the online classes that were available. I enjoyed getting a chrome book my last 2 years. Some of the classes are not college ready and that is soon discovered once a student goes to college and sees that their academic knowledge was not enough. The state's assessment tests do not prepare students for the SAT or the ACT.
I am currently a senior at Dinwiddie High School, and I am extremely ready to graduate. If I could change anything about DHS, I would probably fire a few teachers, and hire a few teachers. Some teachers do not know the material they are teaching, and this hinders students from learning what they need to in order to prepare for the SOL.
DInwiddie County Public Schools are very organized and have teachers that know what they are doing. The schools offer a variety of elective classes and makes sure each student is set. One of the best things about the schools is that for advanced kids, like me, there are leveled classes so each advanced mind and be worked and stretched.
I enjoyed Dinwiddie County Public Schools as a student, and I enjoy it just as much as I am now currently working in the county. I would like to see more parent involvement, as well as better opportunities given for the students. I thoroughly enjoy working in the county with its employees as well as the amazing students that come through the doors of the school each day. Working with DCPS is much different than being a student there, but it is a great feeling knowing that I am working to improve the school system and make it a better place for students and employees. As my career grows, I look forward to what I can bring to Dinwiddie County to make it a better working environment and a better learning environment for students.
Dinwiddie offers a variety of classes that have helped me in the deciding of a career path. Most of my teachers have always been helpful and readily available for questions regarding the curriculum. They offer a variety of sports and clubs to keep students active and to aid in the teaching of team work.
It's an amazing school to attend. Having the honor to attend such an amazing school that keeps both students and parents involved is such an experience that it can be hard to find in any other school. I would definitely recommend anyone to enroll there child to attend Dinwiddie High School
I had a very good school experience. I attended Dinwiddie Schools from kindergarten through senior year of high school and graduated with honors. Looking back on my years, the vast majority of my teachers were wonderful, and the few that weren't wonderful certainly weren't awful. The math department is the only area that really needs help right now, and the school system is already taking measures to improve that.
Overall, I enjoyed my time in Dinwiddie Schools. There are many wonderful teachers and programs for students. As in all schools, there are negative people but I have encountered lots of positive uplifting people that encouraged me to do my best.
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I have been going to Dinwiddie schools all my life because I refuse to move away. The teachers here are amazing, they always want to see of their students succeed and be the best that they can be. The school are also nice and are in good condition and the staff are always really polite and concerning.
Overall, DCPS--specifically the high school--needs some alterations. Mainly, the punishments for the same action fluctuates depending on which individual did it, which I find unfair. We occasionally get threats from the student body; and the same with physical altercations.
Safety concerns and teachers that have extensive knowledge in their field of study to educate the students.
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