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Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District Reviews

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For the most part, most of the experiences were good. There might be some ups and downs but the teachers are very helpful and friendly. I might question some aspects but it is different for everyone. Each teacher is different and how each class functions are different, some teachers are more lenient than others. Each teacher has their own stories and experiences that can lighten up the class or give out a good laugh from someone There are quite a few college level classes that can be taken there. The diversity varies depending on what you are looking at or for. The facilities are okay but compared to some other schools facilities ours are better. Not sure if it matters but parents can get pretty involved with sports and activities. I wish a few things would be changed within the school like putting the restroom doors back on or something else minor.
DGF is a hard school to fit into. Its not very welcoming, if your parents didnt go there good luck playing sports, fitting in or have teachers welcome you. I would like to see a change where you are welcome no matter where your from, given a chance to play sports even if your not a recognized name. I feel like I could have brought alot to the volleyball team but because I didnt have a familiar last name I wasnt looked at.
The school district is fairly small compared to surrounding districts. Even though it is small, students are able to get a lot of one-on-one help. Most of the teachers do an excellent job teaching their students as well. In the high school, students have quite the opportunity in participating in concurrent enrollment classes. This has provided me with many college credits that I will not pay a dime for and most transferred to my college (and surrounding colleges).
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More focus on non athletic activities, great choices for college classes, knowledgeable teachers, good class sizes
Dilworth Glydon Felton is although not the most wealthy school district in Minnesota, it does prepare its students for success. The teachers are young enough where they get what the students are going through.
Overall, I think it's a great school district. The students all get along fairly well, and almost all of the teachers truly care about their students success. I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else for the last 4 years.
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