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Dilley Independent School District Reviews

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My experience with Dilley High school is excellent. The district does a lot to help the students be successful. Ever since I was a freshman, the district had a new program called Early College High School. I would take college courses all the way to my senior year. Now that I am a senior, I will be graduating high school with 60 credits or an associate's degree before I get my diploma. It also helps my parents and I save money for college. Even the clubs and organizations that the district has, it helps benefits the student's and helps them be successful.
Dilley Independent School District allowed me to gain the experience to be more involved with our school and community. What I enjoyed most was seeing the spirit and motivation in the faculty, staff and students that just gives you joy each day and challenged students as was well as myself to succeed in reaching our goals in life and how involved our small community was to come together and support our students. The one thing I would like to see change is more after school programs and volunteer work for a chance for the students to gain more experience and be involved with helping some organizations.
i really love this school district and their school pride. the majority of the staff are opened minded, always helpful and they are always there to help. i would like to change the way kids can express them selves stylishly or arts wise. i would also like to change how things are in order and more planed out, so everyone can have a say in what is changed.
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I am a student here and it is really good place to be a student. It has everything that is needed to be a successful student and the dual credit programs offered are really helpful
An overall academic readiness for college background but could use more clubs and activities for their school so that kids may evolve their horizons after high school.
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