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My school is very good; we have every sport, art, or club you could think of. But those extracurricular activities don't communicate with each other, for example; every time there is a Student Council meeting, there is a International Thespian Honor Society at the exact same time. I understand that we don't have a lot of money but we struggle to afford our shows for theatre and other activities, instead everything goes toward out football team and other sports. We are also over populated but risk loosing money from the stat if we build another school.
The school itself has some faults but as myself going there it’s not bad. Here are some cons I’ve notice over the years.
They are building a freshman orientation center- which is a building just for freshman, not connected with the main school. The freshman will have to learn the lay out of not only the freshman orientation center but the school when they become sophomores.
The food is not bad, but if you decide to bring food to your kid, they will have to eat it in the office. As they cant bring it in the school because then the school will not be provided government food.
The school has history of teacher-student relationships. Of my 3 years of attending, 3 teachers have been put in prison.
They change a lot of things during the year. Huge changes that apparently can’t wait until the next changing everyone around.
I feel like that is it. But the sports and clubs are amazing, there is a wide variety.
Majority of the teachers are very understanding and easy to communicate with. They work well with their students in turning papers in and when something doesn't click in the students' brains. Most people are able to find their home away home after a few tries. The best time of year at the school is football season because the whole school comes together to rally for our team.
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I loved my experience at Dickinson. It's a small town with values that instill the best in students and faculty. I left with more support than I could have ever imagined. The unconditional love from teachers and staff who always want to see alum succeed has never faulted. It's a family for life with nothing but love and support during the years spent and after graduation. There is nothing else I am so proud of than being part of the Gator family.
My experience from Dickinson High School makes me proud to say “Gator fight never dies.” I love connecting with my friends and meeting new people everyday , making a connection with your teachers and being able to focus on your self is truly a great experience. Experience gives you the option to learn so many life lessons and I was able to accomplish this through Dickinson High School! The most important over all is the functionality from Dickinson. I have never seen such a facility that can keep a grip on everyone and everything like Dickinson has done. When anyone asks “where are you from?” I am proud to say “Dickinson from the fighting gators”
Dickinson ISD was the school distict I grew up in. Starting off rough my second grade year my teachers made a comfortable learning environment for me. They shaped my future to get me involved in everything I could. I now serve many positions in my high school career and wouldn't want to do it for any other district.
I loved the building, and the classrooms it gave me a feeling of being safe and secure. However, I do not think that our teachers are the best that they can be. I also believe that bullying should be dealt with in a better way.
I have been attending DISD since I was in kindergarten. They have done an excellent job of expanding, and becoming an involved community throughout the Dickinson-League City area. The district is diverse and attempts to cater to every student. At the elementary and middle school levels, the teachers are caring, well- educated, and strive to do the best for their students across the board. However, as the school levels increase to junior high and high school, the quality of the teachers, the food, and the resources are at a lower standard than that of the elementary and middle schools. While the extracurricular activities in the higher levels are superb, the actual quality of the education is not high compared to schools around it.
Dickinson High School is a very diverse school. It’s honestly really great to have a diverse school like DHS because you have more of an opportunity to fit just right in. Students are more open about each other’s opinions and thoughts due to the diversity which some school might not have the opportunity for that. The teachers are very understanding each individual circumstances. Our high school is known not to be the richest or best looking school , but having an community that understands each other’s problems brings everyone closer. Some changes I’d like to see in our school is school lunches to be more eatable.
A lot of the teachers at Dickinson High are really friendly and will talk to you and teach with the complete intention of helping you succeed. The principal, Dr.Smith, is really hands-on and she treats all of us as important as if we're as important as her own family. There are also a lot of officers in order to ensure we're safe and okay. However, my only issue with the school is that too much of the funds are put into mainstream sports like Football (though we do have really good teams). To counteract this, though, they do offer a lot of different meals to choose from and the pudding is actually pretty great.
overall i had a great experience at dickinson, the staff were typically all dedicated to seeing students succeed and helping in whatever way they could. there are many organizations to be apart of and the sports are awesome. academics were pretty good, many advanced classes to choose from that had rigorous course work. i never ate the food but i do know from peers that it could definitely be better. also bring back smart lunch, it was a great opportunity to catch up on schoolwork, eating or sleep
The School district is excellent ! Any problems you have they’ll make it their concert to make sure you’re okay
Overall, i would say being a student at Dickinson High School i have been given many opportunities to gain more knowledge about what i would like to do as my career. The staff and teachers have pushed me to be my best and always gave me hope that i can do whatever i want if i put my mind to it.
I first came to the Dickinson Independent School District in the 4th grade. Since then I have been provided with great education, extra curricular activities and lasting friendships. I am now at the end lf my junior year at the high school and as I transition into my final year in the district, I will always remember how grateful I am that I attended Dickinson ISD.
I liked that for the most part everyone was a big family even if you were new after a month or so they made you feel at home. I think that the staff should be a little better. When someone was getting bullied they wouldn't really take action. Some of the staff didn't even have the criteria needed to teach the subjects they were teaching.
My past 4 years at Dickinson High School has been a roller coaster. I don't hate anything about it but there is a lot of things that needs to be changed.Our security here is really bad , anyone can walk in or out of the school at any time because doors around the school is always unlocked.The activities are great I'm involved in community service clubs, because I love volunteering .Overall DHS is a school that can be better if they fixed a couple of things.
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I enjoyed going to this school.I’ve had many experiences and encounters while attending. I love how there is a huge pride and spirit that runs through the walls of Dickinson and it’s community. Everyone is so supportive and this school always finds a way to make things work for the students. I know not every school is perfect and some students may want to make the school look bad but in my opinion it’s a great school and people should be more appreciative of what they have to offer to students.
Dickinson Independent School District is a vey top notch school district. Dickinson cares about the students education and well being.
I like this district because it gives us students the opportunity to experience many occupations. It gives us an open mind of what the world holds for us and see what our interests are. The faculty and staff are amazing; they give us everything we need to be successful. There is no way you can fail if your in the Dickinson Independent School District.
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