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Dexter Community School District Reviews

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My experience with the Dexter Community School District has been very good. I have gone to Dexter schools for all my elementary and high school years. To begin with, the academic experience has been great, especially in high school. I have been able to take numerous AP and advanced classes, and the school offers the opportunity to participate in the IB Diploma Program. If anything could be improved, I think that the school should offer more AP classes, since the AP to IB ratio heavily favors IB students. Extracurriculars and sports are fantastic at school, and the staff are all very committed to helping students succeed. My time at Dexter has been a great experience overall.
It is a really great school, lots of opportunities for everyone interests. Most of the teachers are really great and will do everything they can to help you succeed.
At Dexter Schools I enjoy it because I have serval friends and receive the help I need. Dexter Schools also has things I enjoy and sports I like to play.
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The administration is terrible. They do not follow any of the procedures in the student handbook and treat struggling students horribly. Many of the teachers are great and really try to help you succeed, but those in charge have no regard for the well being of their students.
I wish the school district would listen to the problems we voice and take action. Viruses spread easily due to sinks that don’t function, and dehydration is a common experience due to broken water fountains. While I have grown a lot and learned a lot in 4 years, I wish my school had grown with me.
Dexter Community Schools prepares students very well for college and offer a multitude of AP/IB/Honors courses to students. However, I would like to see the school district put some money into helping the kids that academically struggle. Also most of the teachers are very welcoming and are involved in the students learning. They really do want what is best for each student which allows students to create solid relationships with their teahcers. Dexter is not a diverse community. It would be nice to see an influx of students who have different culutural backgrouds.
Classes were mostly good. However, everything else was lacking. Food was horrible, there was no diversity, students weren't prepared for college and there was a lot of politics between teachers and staff in the back ground.
I went to every school in the Dexter community School District and my outcome was phenomenal. Through all the schools every member and staff is really caring and want you to succeed. There isn't really anything that I would change about this school district and I would recommend it to anyone. I am going to have my kids go through this district because it it really good.
Dexter High School is a nice community with friendly people and a variety of clubs. The best part though is the teachers, all who have a genuine interest in students and engage with them. They're extremely helpful and nice to have around, although there are a select few who are either intimidating or unfair. There is also little diversity.
I was in dexter school district for all 12 years from Cornerstone to DHS. I loved my time there and all of my teachers were very invested in my education and wanted me to succeed. Dexter high school provides a rigorous course schedule for those who desire it. I took a combination of IB and AP classes. One thing that I did not appreciate about DHS is the fact that the administration and many teachers favored the IB program over all the other tracks. Being a non-diploma student but still taking rigorous classes, I felt that I was less valued than the diploma students. Other than that, dexter was a safe, inviting place where students are personally connected with their teachers, and I feel very prepared going into college in the fall.
Typical high school but is especially small and in a small town so everyone knows everyone else's business. It has a large number of truly excellent teachers and a few average ones, the middle school especially had a great faculty.
There was very little diversity, and elementary schools felt very isolated, however my highschool experience was over all very positive.
I love the community in the Dexter School District. Being a small, but growing district I am able to have a very close and person relationship with my peers and my administrators. Dexter offers so many opportunities for its students its unbelievable. No matter what your interest Dexter has a place for you, you're never left without a club or activity that suits your interests. Dexter has been an amazing place to receive my elementary and High school education, I wouldn't trade it for anything.
It is a privileged school, which means you will get a better education than many public schools but it's just a public school. Like most public schools it tries it's best to ready their students for college but busy work, tests, and the social aspects of school get in the way.
The teachers here are in general some of the best human beings ever. They want to see even the most struggling students succeed. However, there is absolutely no diversity at this school. Administration is absolutely horrendous. In the middle school the principle fails to follow very simple guidelines with protocol. The school had accused me of being under the influence when I was 12 (I didn't even know what being under the influence was) so they pulled me into the office, searched me and my belongings, made me miss my bus and this failed to inform my parents. For those of you who don't know, it is illegal to search a minor without a legal guardian present. This is not the only instance that there has been issues with administration. They have a wonderful AP and IB program but very few classes that are just regular. Also have a wonderful dual enrollment program that I highly recommend
The Dexter Schools are awesome. It is more like a community because of how we know the kids all the way from kindergarten though school. This builds a solid foundation of friendship and acquaintances which leads to sense of safety and self esteem. Teachers really care about our futures and prepare us for college. Even though I am interested in the sciences, I do wish they had more business related courses to explore. Dexter is a great small town feel that has prepared me to explore the world.
Dexter is a great school and has good teachers and challenging curriculum to prepare you for collage. They offer a lot of AP classes so you can earn collage credit.
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I loved how much effort the teachers put in to every individuals learning and school experience, and how many options to challenge yourself and prepare for college the administration offered. The close community made it even more of an unique experience that has truly made me a better person and student.
I feel that the programs offered at Dexter High School are amazing. I am in the International Baccalaureate and love it. The teachers are amazing and I feel for the first time that I truly enjoy school. I do feel that the school could be a little more diverse and help kids with a different background not feel discriminated.
I loved Dexter Schools. The teachers were very good and always helped students and wanted them to succeed. My academics always improved and challenging classes were always available. One aspect of Dexter Community Schools that I wish was different was the diversity, It was hard to never be exposed to that.
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