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Deweyville Independent School District Reviews

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Since Deweyville is a small school, there is a more one-on-one interaction with teachers and students. You receive a better learning, and they understand how to help you more.
It was nice to walk down the halls and know everyone's name, the teachers and all the staff know your name and actually remember you on a day to day basis...
Deweyville is a small school which promotes closer to a more one on one learning experience and encourages friendships to develope. Some departments, however, are weaker than others. For example, the math and some lower level sciences.
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The teachers are all excellent! They all really care about teaching the content for each class to the best of their abilities and will not just give you a grade. The variety of classes is lower compared to some other larger schools nearby, such as Little Cypress-Mauriceville ISD, but they get the job done to get you the credits that you need to graduate.
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