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In schools where the majority of kids come from middle to upper middle class families who care about them and take an active role in how they are educated, the majority of kids will end up graduating, speaking decent English, being proficient in mathematics, and will become productive citizens. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
The converse is also true. It is evident that throwing money at such a problem does not engender a solution.
Still, one of those fifty worst school districts is close to where I live. The problem there is that the district is poor and small, also that in that area, there are no good, high-paying jobs for those kids to work at, so if they have any ability, they do the best they can and leave to find a good job.
It was a great experience ! I think that it really made me who I am from the staff to the experiences that you can get in the DPS, is literally one of a kind.
I have met students from all race and areas of the city. I have been mentored by teachers in classes like Police Academy and Advance Placement courses
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The teachers in DPS are excellent and make the learning environment comfortable. The teachers and staff go out of their way to make sure a student has everything they need.
I would like to see alot of changes in the DPS district. That includes new books, a better menu to feed the students, more hands on experience regarding college and careers and lastly more one on one help with students who need extra attention with homework and class work.
I would really like the lunches to change because most of the time it’s either nasty or it’s just nasty. The teachers aren’t always respecting the students nor other teachers.
The thing I like about dps is that they give you chance and for a better education and it will get you in college for free for 2 yrs that great
This school inspired me to continue my pursuit in business and music. Detroit Public Schools Community District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, age, religion, height, weight, citizenship, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, in its educational programs and activities, including employment and admissions.
I like how diverse the district is. What can be changed is newer books to be used and more school funding.
I like that my school specifically provides me with a good amount of resources and knowledge to prepare me for college. However, I’d like my teachers to allow me to utilize these resources by not giving so much homework and allowing me to apply for college and applications.
Detroit Public Schools really care about their students and try to help them at the best of their abilities.
School is created to up bring students, to put them on a level higher than when they were first introduced to the system. Interestingly enough, I have never been awarded the opportunity. Detroit Public Schools, or DPS, has began to fall to the point in which it is no longer recognizable to what it once was. When I entered as a second grader, my teachers, the facility I was in, the environment and wellbeings of the students were the top priority, but as I continued to progress, the system did not.

Mental health of the students, the payment of the teachers, the upbringing of the facilities, notings seemed as if they were progressing, and soon, the system came to the point where I have two classes where I have no teachers, in my senior year; has come to a point where I can not even drink out of the water fountains.

A system which makes me want to see what a real school system is like, which is why I strive to become a part of a better school system in college.
There are some pros and cons when it comes to Detroit Public Schools. I know that the teachers, staff and administration are working hard every day to get kids prepared for higher education. There are some things that needs to be done.
We are doing poor when it come to diversity,clubs, the school culture and resources.
I am a senior at Cass Tech and throughout my time here I’ve had a pretty good experience. Cass provides their students with the resources to be the best; providing scholarship and internship opportunities for students, making sure events are affordable, and genuinely wanting the best for us.
works with what they can, not very focused, some teachers don't teach, horrible lunches, very diverse, my school in particular has many scholarship opportunities.
not really enough public schools in Detroit Michigan. Need more and could be better with a few things but other than that Detroit public schools are not bad at all.
There are many things that I enjoy particularly about Detroit Public Schools. While not all of the schools that fall under this category are up to a tolerable condition, there are many that prepare there students for college;however, with a lack of resources, completing the task of bringing knowledge to students can be difficult. This is where the teachers shine. Many teachers are mentors to their students and prepare them for their inevitable arrival to the outside world.
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I can't speak for all DPS schools, but I can say that based on my experience , DPS needs much improvement. I would say that their were plenty of great teachers that did the best that they could with the resources they had. Unfortunately, the resources available were obsolete and miniscule in comparison to schools outside of Detroit. And what is even worse is that schools are continuously being closed in Detroit, rather than improving and changing them for the better. Overall, DPS is okay because the teachers lay down a foundation of learning for students, but it's harder for students to build up from that foundation with the many deficiencies of DPS.
Detroit Public Schools has been a wonderful experience on me. Detroit Public Schools has its up and downs but I enjoyed it from K-12. Detroit Public Schools has a lot of varies to offer, from sports to academic programs. I haven't really participated in many academic programs throughout my years but I have in sports. I am a 2x time all-city champion and 1 time psl varsity basketball champion. I participated in Big Brother Big Sister which is a mentor program for freshman and seniors.
DPS provides me with a well rounded experience. My teachers and faculty showed an interest in my education and developing me to prepare for career (not just a job)
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