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I've been part of DeSoto Independent District as a student for about 10 months and until I finished my High School education. I am currently a 12th grader at DeSoto High School and my experience with the school, teachers, staff, students, and overall the whole District have been very exemplary encounter. During my Junior year here at DeSoto, we had an accident with the security of the school, although it turned out to be a mischievous act from a group of students, I really liked how the District decided to change what was needed for next year in order to improve the staff, education, and its students' safety. It's such a relief feeling safe in my educational setting. There are several traits though that I would like to change here at my High School which are the food's quality and the diversity of it.
I’ve been in the desoto independent school district since kindergarten. I am a senior in high school now. Overall, my experience has been pretty good. Elementary was great and middle school was fine. High school has been the most memorable because of the relationships I had with my teachers and fellow classmates. I believe I was taught well enough to be prepared for my next step in life, which is now college. The district has always been diverse and I like that about it. I was never involved in any extracurricular activities. The administration in my schools did their job well in my opinion. I never had any problems with anything.
Desoto mainly focuses on sports rather than academics. There are some good teachers at Desoto but most of the teachers are hired immediately after college which means that they don’t really have any work experience. They mostly hire alumni to work there as well no matter how good or bad they are which is why Desoto is not strong academically. And when good teachers are presented at Desoto, students are not prepared to deal with them and end up failing. Desoto is a great school for sports such as basketball and football but academic wise, there are better choices.
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Attending Desoto High School was one of my greatest experiences yet. DeSoto enabled me to grow in so many ways, as well as excel as a scholar. It gave me the basic necessities I needed as a scholar.
I have been a student with DeSoto Independent School District since I was in the 2nd grade. Since being with this school district I have experienced bomb threats, two school shooting threats and more. DeSoto cares more about athletics than having enough books for each student or at least having a clean schools. Only reason that I stayed with this school district is because I have created a great connection with friends and I do not want to start over as the new kid. I promise if DeSoto made better attempts to involve the students and parents on decisions being made, less students would be skipping and we'd have a better graduation rate.
I loved that there were other things to get involved in. Instead of sports or choir. They have culinary arts, radio/tv, cosmetology, sports medicine, you can even get your cna license. High school was fun.
I like desoto to a lot. The teachers are very friendly and love to be resourceful. The students have a lot of school spirit. The only bad thing about Desoto is the school lunch.
The District could be much stronger than it is. The focus appears to be more on sports than academics. The Administration makes rash decisions without doing proper research. The teachers are not held to a high standard which results in the acceptance of mediocrity from the children.
I feel like DISD does NOT care about education,but more so sports and they cant handle being told the truth.
Desoto is a school for people who don’t really care. The teacher didn’t care, well some of them did, some of the students didn’t either. But with the teachers who did care they make DeSoto high school worth waking up every morning to attend.
As a junior at Desoto High School, I've observed that in order to be college ready and receive all the resources needed to succeed in the real world is much harder to receive than it should be. There are certain pros to the district like the athletics but far as academics, there can be many improvements made.
I currently just graduated from this school and if it wasn’t for the collegiate magnet program I feel like I wouldn’t know anything I know now, college wise and knowledge wise.
Now that I'm officially an alumni, I would like to say that desoto high school cares more about their sports programs rather than what really matter which is academics. Honestly I hated going to that school, it was terrible knowing that hardly anyone cares about how and what I learn. Also being around majority of my class who make the teachers want to give up on teaching due to the simple fact that they dont care about their future. Also, I feel as though the fine arts programs need more credit than what they are given. Seeing that I have been in both band and choir, I feel as though these programs have worked hard for years to get to where they are and no body appreciates their work 🙄
My experience visiting this school would have to be a total of 3 stars. I am giving the school this vote because they are a great school district. It might not be perfect but it’s somewhere I would recommend anyone to go to.
DeSoto has it's pros and cons just like every other district. It's focus is on athletic rather than education. Meaning that alot of it's funding is spent on football rather than in the classroom.
I liked how well Desoto High School put more people into college after graduation. I also like how they had an Early College program.
I've been in the Desoto ISD system since the 3rd grade and now, I am a senior on my way to college graduating from Desoto High School. Through the years of being a student from Desoto ISD, I can say that without a doubt, the faculty members that I have met throughout my elementary, middle, and high school years have taught me at least three lessons that I have used sometime during my grade school years, and that I will continue to use later on in life.
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my experience here was not only educational and fun, but rewarding. I had the opportunity to be involved in IB courses. Although challenging, they helped equip and better prepare me for college. If I could change anything, it would be the response time of messages from student to teacher. There were times when I needed quick information, yet the counselor or certain teachers would take days to respond .
I love the staff. They all made sure every student were on top of their game to graduate and move on to the next level.
Everyone likes to pretend that our rings make us untouchable. We all know that they don't. Desoto has became so focused on producing athletes, that they've strayed away from what matters most, academics.
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