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Derry Township School District Reviews

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Terrific faculty and superb grounds and amenities. It is a Blue Ribbon school without any doubt in my mind. I also appreciate the diversity of students who attend, which really isn’t up to the school, but is important to me.
Derry Township is a great school district to further your learning career. It is full of opportunities for extracurriculars and sports. I would like some improvements with the technology. There should be more options to bring your own technology as opposed to school issued iPads required for every student to have.
The school overall is good. I have an IEP and the teachers are pretty good about accommodating my needs. There are great teachers as well as average teachers here. There are plenty of clubs to join and a lot of support from friends and peers.
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It is a good school with a good choice of courses. Sometimes people are in classes they shouldn’t be.
As a consolidated elementary school, each primary grade has 200+ children. MANY behavioral issues in the classrooms. Lunchroom, recess, and classroom aides are verbally abusive to the young children. Teachers are disgruntled due to major restructuring. General Ed teachers are not receiving adequate training for student mental health issues that are being integrated into the classroom. If you are considering moving into the district, do not rely on the propaganda on the district website. The district over invests in the high school to get high rankings, but that does not filter down to the elementary and middle schools. Counselors are understaffed based on recommended counselor to student ratios, and quite frankly inadequate. Bullying and violence is prevalent but hidden by administration. VERY poor experience. Do not expect your experience at the Early Childhood Center (K & 1) to be the same as primary. Quality goes downhill upon second grade.
My experience at Hershey High school can be described as a smooth ride. It is clear that academics and involvement in the community are vital to their morals as a school, as they promote students to be a part of their local events. Much like any other high school, Hershey requires extensive focus on the academics. The classes are challenging but at times the teachers are not so engaging.
Most teachers are very helpful and care for students education and well being. The school lacks diversity, and only a small group of people are involved in all school clubs/student government. Students are driven, and come out ready for college.
Derry Township School District is a lovely, consolidated campus with K-12 in four buildings that share a common green-space and athletic/recreational facilities. At the High School level, there is a strong focus on STEM with several AP Science and advanced Mathematics opportunities. Access to technology is excellent as each student is issued an iPad. For those focusing on the arts, the district offers a strong Fine Arts and Choral program. The Instrumental Music program focuses on Orchestra and Concert Band as well as non-competitive Marching Band. Jazz and other small ensemble opportunities are minimal and extracurricular.
I am a current Junior at Hershey High School. My overall experience has been positive for that of a public high school, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that Derry Township is an affluent area.
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