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The economy in which the school is in is poor so there is not much for the children to do which led to them being fairly unruly and wild. The staff at the school tried to control every move the students made only making the students dislike the school. Also because the children were so bad, the school was not able to keep teachers for more than 3 years. There has been a new junior high English teacher every year for 6 years. The students need more way to express themselves so they feel like they do not always have to find ways to entertain themselves and end up in trouble.
Dermott School district is a good school, both high school and elementary. There could be some changes done to improve, hopefully it gets better as the years go by.
Dermott School District is not a very good school district, if you are very athletic. There is only basketball, cheerleading, and band basically.
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I would like to see the extra curriculum options change. There's not enough options for students to pick something they would enjoy doing. Also the lunch should be changed because it is not the best. There should be more options in classes for students. Also more help for students who are struggling. There is not enough teachers to help the students with their work or help them understand something.
They Have Caring Teachers with the most kindest hearts all of them want to have their students succeed any means necessary
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