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Small community, small town home town pride. Teachers are always there to support you and push you to do better. I was able to take honors and AP courses to help further my academic career. I always felt a sense of comfort knowing I was in smaller classes and teachers knew my personality my traits. I enjoyed partaking in two sport teams being captain for both. I was on the class act council which promotes students to help others and help the community.
With Derby being the last year where I spend my High School days, I'll say I am rather satisfied with students and teachers.I had never felt left out or made fun of.The school had made me feel like home on the very first day i had arrived.
I love the school it was an amazing school to attend for 4 years. The bonds I've formed will last forever. I played football and ran track for 3 years and throughout the whole process I loved it all. I'm truly sad to see it end but I am ready to start the next chapter of my life
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What I would like to see the change in Derby High School is the involvement of students in class work and class time. Most students in this school do not care about the work they do. They are mostly on their phones and do not pay attention in class. In all honesty, it not their fault. There is no motivation in this school. Half of the teachers in this school just let the students do as they want and focus more on the students who want to learn and let the other students fall deeper into the cracks.
I love Derby High School because it’s so small. I love knowing everyone and being able to be close with your teachers. It helps me feel more comfortable when asking for help. Some teachers are not teaching me everything I need to know for college. Others are very good at what they do.
It's a very small community teachers are always trying to help the students.
The high school has many sports and clubs where students can choose from. It is very diverse. There's also a Dialogue for Change program where it talks about the school diversity and student- teacher relationships.
My overall experience with Derby School District is not a good one. I have been going to school in the Derby district for my whole life and I have been 'force passed' in the middle school and had to repeat in Milford district just to understand the curriculum that the teachers were teaching. After my year in Milford, I came back to the Derby district and it was not the same at all. I almost failed my freshman year. I have had to complain multiple times to the faculty and staff.
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