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I have no complaints about Denton ISD. For the past 4 years my experience with them as been great. All of the extra curricular activities are great.
The school district would be more pleasant if I could change classes more easily and more than 5 exchange students could attend a school at a time.
What I would like to see change for Denton Independent School District is to have the baccalaureate program available to all high schools.
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In my experience, Denton ISD has offered a very good education. Although the cafeteria food is a little hard to eat, it is made up for by the amazing staff and administration of the schools. For me, all of my teachers were extremely passionate in what they taught, and it helped inspire me in my desire to learn. Also, they truly cared about me, encouraging me when I was upset, and celebrating with me in my successes. So, if one overlooks the food facilities, they'll find a staff and administration that cares about students and their education - encouraging and helping them to succeed.
I love the Denton Independent School District it’s a very warning and loving community. It has welcoming teachers and staff. Also the counselors are very helpful in any way they can possibly be. Being apart of the school district is a blessing because of the envoirment and teachers and students. Everyone is so nice and generous.
I like how everyone is really friendly and helpful. There is always someone available to help with any questions or concerns you have. The teachers are amazing and there is always something going on around the area. The only thing I did not really enjoy was the food, but it was still fine to eat.
Being raised in Denton has had many significant impacts on me, and especially with the schools here. Since elementary school there has been so many opportunities to flourish as not only a student, but as a person. From a young age the district provides teachers who truly care about each individual student and offers programs to benefit every kid. If I were to change anything it'd be the mindset of students who do not appreciate what the district provides.
I did not have a good experience and I am a high school senior. I had to transfer from Denton High because I felt unsafe. I am graduating at 16 because I felt I was ready to go to college. I want to be able to feel ok going to school but I do realize school is just like this now. I am just one student I do not need to tell you every single one is bad, but I don’t want to tell you not to go.
Denton ISD does it's best to provide for all their students. They have chrome books avaliable to everyone and anyone. Their grading policy is not the best. Retests are common and they change their policy every year it seems like. Ryan high school is a great school for sports, especially their football team. Guyer high school has a great basketball team as well. Borman elementary has a great safety practice, with adults only entering if they have a valid reason/appointment.
The staff at my school helped me in every way they could, and were very attentive to my needs as a student.
Denton ISD is very culturally diverse, and jumps at the opportunity to help with anybody's special request, needs, and wants. The only thing I wish Denton ISD had, is more access to technology.
I enjoyed this school district. growing up i never had any problems with the administration and denton is a good growing community with good services
The initial intentions of the board were definitely good; however, they were unable to stick with their progressive grading policies. Every couple years the district decided to modify their grading policy, this resulted in my class of 600 students having 20 valedictorians. Many students did not agree with the grading policies, though I liked most of them. Denton ISD is not a bad district, but it's one that needs a more focused goal. Also, the schools need to devote less money to the football teams. Our math department is dying and what do we do with all the incoming money from grants? That's right, we build a new field house.
Friendly majority of the time but they didn’t know how to deal with immidiet situations as the jumped to conclusion a lot.
Overall, my experience was good at Ryan High School. I had some great teachers who truly cared about my education and my future education.
I think because of the recent tragedies at many high schools, the security needs to be improved. There should be metal detectors in every school. There also should be a dress code for all the students so we don’t have to worry about the baggy clothes or oversized trench coats or hoodies kids wear today.
After all, we are the future of America and we need to feel safe and secure in our public schools!
DISD is cool. It's not really diverse. Being at a new school, there's alot that we can't do and it is very frustrating.
Going to Denton ISD feels as if they care more about how a school looks than what they teach us. Personally I do not like it here at all, but at least it’s better than Aubrey
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The school district could do better as a whole in cracking down on drugs and keeping teachers and student informed.
I have 3 kids that all have or will graduate from the Denton Independent School District. The district is full of great schools, great teachers, great coaches, and great administrators. I recommend Denton Independent School District to folks all the time.
The teachers strive to give us the best education and you can tell that faculty and the district care for their students
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