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Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District Reviews

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Overall experience was good. Our teachers worked well with students. The only thing I would change is the quality and variety of food.
The Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District provided me with a plethora of opportunities to succeed and expand my social horizons. I will forever be grateful for the lessons and resources provided to me during my time in the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District.
Overall, my experience at DY was enhanced due to my friends and teachers. Each pushed me to become the person I am today, while also preparing me for the struggles I am about to face in the next chapter of my life. Balancing sports and school was, at times, difficult, but also gave me a sense of family and belonging; being a part of the fan section alone at times was exhilarating and added to my high school experience immensely. A complaint I have, however, is the lack of action taken after complaints against poor teachers and coaches. While the majority of my teachers have been fantastic, there have been a few that, in my opinion, should not be teachers at all. After several complaints were sent in about two of the teachers in my high school career, nothing was done and other students had to go through the same experience I did: unfair teaching methods, inability to teach necessary material, and an overall lack of learning.
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Hi my experience at Dennis Yarmouth Regional High School has been amazing. I struggled since I started there in 8th grade but my support system I have is amazing. This year I started my senior year so excited but my first week in I found out one morning that my dad killed himself. I was devastated. I became so depressed and distant to the point I thought about killing myself and advocated to get some help and I did. My support system at DY is my Principal, social worker, my special ed liaison and our two school resource officers. If it wasn’t for them and of course my mom I wouldn’t be here. I am telling you this bc I believe more kids in our schools across the US need to realize that they can reach out to their teachers etc. I did and I am forever thankful for them. I miss my dad everyday but now I have learned that I need to push forward and make my dad proud. I plan to walk across that stage in June 2018 to get my diploma for my dad and myself.
Thank you Hayley Gregoire
I love this school. The counseling department helped me to adjust into the school, and the arts department is phenomenal.
I've had a great experience with DYRSD. As for things I'd like to see change, the administration is unfriendly and the principals aren't the best. But, I've personally never had an issue with them.
I feel like I had a wonderful high school experience at DY. Many teachers I had there went above and beyond and therefore were instrumental in my development.
Being the second class to officially graduate From Dennis Yarmouth High School after being able to enroll at the high school as an eighth grader, is such a feeling of accomplishment. With having an option to remain at my middle school or choose to begin classes at the high school, I am so happy that I made the decision that I did. At first I was nervous, in fear that I would have a hard time fitting in to the high school setting, seeing as I was younger, but the student ambassadors, faculty and staff made each and every student feel equally at home/comfortable. I can honestly say that I shared a special connection with each one of my teachers/ guidance counselor as all of them helped me in so many ways. Not only is their a wide variety of classes to take but many sports and other activities are offered here at DY as well. Being apart of the Dennis-Yarmouth community was such a great experience and I wouldn't change a thing about my time as a student attending this school.
I graduated from DY in June 2016. It was a great school offering so many opportunities for students. The technology program was amazing, fun and challenging. The staff was pretty good for the majority. I strongly advise anybody to go to DY.
I generally had a great experience in Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District. I was in this school district from beginning to end, preschool to graduation, and I can honestly say I was well prepared for college. Time was rarely wasted in class, which I hated as a student, but very appreciative of as an alum. There were many opportunities to join clubs/sports all the way through middle and high school. The community was fairly diverse and school spirit in high school was always as high as you could get. I never felt unsafe in a Dennis-Yarmouth school. The only negative aspect of my experience in these schools was the food not being very good.
Life at DY has always been a pleasure for me, the majority of the staff are so supportive and it makes me feel like I can build a relationship with a select few that make me feel like I am their friend, not just a student. Our sports and marching band are some of the best in New England, and I am proud to see how many students are involved in communiy service as well.
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