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My time in the Denison School District has been great. Its a small district so you have more one on one interactions with the teachers, and you really get to know them. A great thing is the computers the district has. I know not all schools give that to their students so I feel very fortunate to have a computer I can take home from the school. One thing I wish they would improve on would be the options of foreign languages. My high school only offers Spanish as a foreign language. I already know Spanish so the class for me is very easy. I think that is unfair for me and the other students; I already know the material and they don't, so its really not improving my Spanish and the students around me really don't need to work that hard, because they can ask me and I'll be able to give them the answer. A side from that the district is very welcoming and are a huge family that I have become a part of over the years.
Beyond blessed to have been part of Denison Community Schools. The teachers are so passionate on the subject they are teaching and always make time to help students out when help is needed.
Denison Community School district is a great district. For the area, Denison has a great diversity. We have been raised on to treat everyone equally and with respect no matter what. We have been given the opportunity to receive a great education. In high school, there are so many different options for classes to get us ready for our future lives. I rated Denison a 5 star because I truely believe that is what the district deserves.
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One of the nicest schools and also the teachers are nice and great to work with. They are always willing to help no matter who you are. One of the nicest schools too. Overall I would recommend this school district.
The curriculum at Denison is good, and the staff is friendly and easy to talk to for the most part. The biggest thing Denison is lacking in is equal treatment to student's and athletes. They hold a double standard within the school system depending on your skin color. Also all of the coaches play favorites with their players, whether they are good athletes or not does not matter, the only thing that matters is your last name.
Quite frankly, I believe the school should be open for some change. Teachers should be more aware of their students. The fact that there have been students that have brought alcohol without the teachers knowing is worrisome. Bullying appears to be an issue as well. There have been stories of the victim being accused of bullying others when they were only defending themselves. Teachers act upon issues too late.
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