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Demopolis City Schools Reviews

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Demopolis High School is a great school. The security is safe, so you won't have to worry about safety, there are variety of clubs and sports for student invovlement, and they have very good teachers. If i could change anything about DHS, i would build a bigger school. Or come up with a plan so that the hallways didn't have so much traffic. Other than that, Demopolis High School is awesome. It's holds a great experience for an average high school student.
I am a senior at Demopolis high school and there are quite a few things I love about my school, including my classmates and teachers. Demopolis high school has a few dedicated and loving teachers who are willing to go far and beyond to make sure each student achieves their academic capabilities.
I joined the Demopolis city school system almost two years ago. Overall, I have been pleased with my experience. Demopolis High School has its issues, as any school does, but overall it is a great school and has helped me tremendously in becoming prepared for college.
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More academic clubs and more sports besides football. Less focus on standardized tests. More focus on history and science.
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