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It is a small school with some big school opportunities. There is a range of AP classes that are available to students. The teachers try the best to educate students to the best of their abilities, but the teachers are not sufficient. The does not enough funding to provide proper teachers. It also does not have enough funding to fix the overwhelming amount of plumbing problems in the school.
Socially I had a great experience at Delton. Academically I was a strong student and was at the top of my class. In some classes I felt that I was held back by the other students but in others felt that I was challenged and learned a lot. The range of teaching skill was wide with some being great and other being terrible. Delton does not do a great job of preparing kids in writing before they get to high school. I was fortunate to receive this through another program. I would not change my high school experience given the opportunity.
In the Delton Kellogg school districts there is barely any diversity culturally. I've gone to Delton since kindergarden and I feel as though the school had been going down the wrong path. Being in a small town everyone knows eachother which can mean favoritism from the teachers and the adminstrators. Recently the district got a new superintendent and the favoritism as deminished. There are still some deep seed things in Delton that will take a while to change, but they are getting better.
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Delton Kellogg is a small little school, but the community is great! They are very friendly. The students and staff at DK are very friendly and helpful.! My first day at DK went amazing I asked other students where my classes were and they told me exactly where it was. The parents of the students are very respectful and kind as well, other schools say we have the greatest sportsman ship.
My experience at Delion Kellogg was phenomenal. It is a small school however the programs and AP classes provided are better than many larger schools in the area. The teaching staff is exceptional and very supportive. The school district is very supportive. The high school band was invited to play in the Pearl Harbor parade in Hawaii and the town even raised over 100,000 to send them.
Living in a small town, Delton Kellogg was the perfect little school to grow up in. It has etched into me values, the importance of who we are and has shaped me into the person I am today. People tend to stray away from small schools, thinking their children will be at a disadvantage when it comes to education and extra curricular activities. Going through the school system at Delton Kellogg, I felt I had an amazing support group; teachers, staff, and as a whole community. I had every opportunity students had at a "class A" school at Delton Kellogg. During my years at Delton Kellogg, the womens basketball team won the Regional title. I had never experienced so much love and support from a community of people as a whole. This is when a community becomes a family and I couldn't of been happier to attend Delton Kellogg Schools.
Delton Schools are a mixed bag of wonderfully updated facilities, poor education quality, and students who are not prepared adequately for life after graduation. As a 2016 graduate, I received a poor education and got little to no support in starting my life after graduation. The majority of the staff could care less about students learning, and it truly effects the students view on the world. Despite making many friends and having wonderful times at Delton, this school district is sub-par at best.
Delton Kellogg is a school in a small closenit community. I like my school district because of the numerous times I have seen the people at my school rally around when someone is injured in a sport or has a disease. It’s really amazing to see that in a school district.
Delton Kellogg has been a school that feels like home. Everyone is very close. But where they fall short is college readiness and student involvement.
My experience has been fairly good, I have gone to this school my whole life so I don't really have much to compare it to. The teachers are very caring and the students are, for the most part, nice people. Something that I could see changed would be more acknowledgement of sports other than football and volleyball and more funding to the theater department.
There aren't alot of class options and class sizes tend to be pretty large unless you're enrolled in AP classes. The staff is the best part about the school, they really go out of their way to help students succeed. It's a small town and a closely knit community so i guess it just depends on if you're into that.
Delton has that wonderful small town feel but comes with a lot of the small town problems. Fantastic place to live and go to school if you don't mind some drama.
I love the Delton Kellogg Community. I would never want to be anywhere else. The teachers are amazing. They put so much time and effort into making sure students understand the curriculum, and they are all extremely friendly and understanding. There is also a strong focus on sports within the school, and there are many teams available to participate on. People can also make some of the best friends here. Most of the students are kind and friendly, and because it is a small school it is easy to make very good friends.
My experience at Delton-Kellogg has had its ups and downs, my freshman and sophomore year was a blast whereas my junior and senior year definitely mellowed out. The teachers put forth a lot of effort when it came to the success of the students including myself. One of those teachers would be the art teacher Mr. Makowski. He's one of the most resourceful, wise, and funniest teachers in this school. With art being my one of my favorite subjects, he always helped me reach my full potential. He takes the extra strides to help seniors like me finish figuring out our plans for college. I'm defiently thnakful to have such an amazing teacher like him.
Administration was caught lying about their student numbers and had to ask the state to settle for a low repayment because they couldnt account for the funds.
I moved to Delton Schools my Junior year of high school. It was a very weird transition, but the community welcomed me with open arms. The school district has the curriculum set up well so that it is learning-based and pushes students to gain insight into what is around them. I learned more in Delton Kellogg schools in the two years about community and actual life-long skills than in the 10 years at my other school.
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