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Delta County Joint School District No. 50 Reviews

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Everybody has lots of school pride and the community is pretty good, but the schools are very under-funded, so textbooks are outdated, technology is slow, and other problems related to financial problems arise.
This district includes average small town schools, the problem being that everyone knows everyone and sometimes I feel certain teachers/ coaches make decisions based off of who you are in the town. Other than a limited amount of classes offered every year, the academics are pretty good. They are doing what they can to prep us for college and big tests such as the SAT.
This school district houses excellent athletic programs and some really neat extracurricular activities, but the academics and overall school culture were not outstanding. They are very willing to work with homeschool students, and it is very easy to join extracurricular programs or take tests with the school district.
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I learned a lot in High School, and was really well prepared for college! Sports were emphasized a lot and if you weren't involved with them, you were kind of an odd ball.
Delta County is a great, tight knit community. The members put in great effort to keep it up and running to its fullest potential. The schools are all wonderful, and the athletics are all very competitive yet inclusive to all that want and do participate. The community plays such a huge role because of their wonderful donations and support to the schools. Its a wonderful place with many small shops and local businesses. I only wish that the community businesses could stay in business longer. The economy takes a large toll on the county and the schools, and it is difficult to provide all the necessary items schools need. However, thats where the communities donations come in to handy!
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