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Delran Township School District Reviews

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The school is a good place to go to but certain aspects aren’t great. Some faculty are very helpful and friendly but others are just plain rude and don’t help out when help is needed.
We are having a great experience with Delran Schools. My kids are enjoying going to school. We are happy with the staff and we can see that Delran school district are getting better and better. We are glad about that!
Delran school district is very good. The teachers are attentive and care to see the students better. The sport in Delran is one of the best in the region. Delran is growing more and more and everything indicates that the school only has to improve. As parent I am satisfied.
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Delran has brought me teachers and experiences ill never forget however they also made certain things extremely hard. For example, the attendance policy in the high school is absolutely absurd and difficult for almost all students. We'd like to see them change this.Along with the phone policy as well.
Very attentive teachers, always a helping hand when needed. Plenty of different activities to get involved with. Sports, artistic clubs, musical activities. Each area gets the same amount of attention and no club is favored over the other.
I like how much pride and unity the school district has. Especially during the week of homecoming, Delran is really good with coming together and celebrating the community. Some of the teachers aren't always that great, but that's to be expected at every school district.
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