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Dell Rapids School District Reviews

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Ok so Dells isnt a bad school, its just the people in the school are trash. The staff are actually all pretty nice if youre nice to them and the food is actually pretty good somtimes. As a student there isnt a ton of diverse groups. Very clique induced. Some of the subjuct matter taught in classes arent helpful at all for things such as the ACTs. So over all not a horrible school.
I am mostly homeschooled but I take some classes at the public school and I had a fantastic experience there.
It was great, they really helped me grow and develop into a fine student who's is ready for college.
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Dell Rapids High School is a small town high school. Everyone knows everyone and school feels like a little community. The teachers are amazing and want to help in every way possible. The experience of high school in Dell Rapids is something you will never forget.
Very well organized High School. Dell Rapids is a great school with many activities to be involved in for the students and the community.
My time at dell rapids was okay it was nothing special it really did not get me ready for college at all we are way to restricted in high school.
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