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I liked the fact that it was a close knit group of students K-12 years. If I could change one thing, it would deal with the amount of bullying that takes place in the high school.
They were very good at having a good variety of subjects and alternative classes, offered. I honestly, can't think of anything that would need to be changed.
I personally loved going to hayes highschool it was a great experience going there. there were so many different activities that you could do and the teachers were truly amazing.
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I spent my entire k-12 education in the Delaware City School District so I have a lot to say. Mainly overall the experience there wasn't all bad. In k-6 I enjoyed it for the most part and through the way the district was set up I got to met my current best friends and girlfriend. However, there were more than enough problems 7-12th grade. Bullying was a major factor that made going to school a living nightmare for me and especially my girlfriend. The teachers seemed to turn a blind a towards it all which was annoying. That was the biggest problem in my opinion and is what I would like to see most in terms of change.
I went to Hayes for two years then went to the south campus career center for bioscience. This opened up so many doors for me, and let me see into a world of careers I had no clue existed
Growing up I have moved from many different schools. I would constantly be moving from Ohio to Kentucky and to different schools. Finally one year we moved to Delaware. Delaware was a nice place when I first moved here. I didn’t expect it to be the place I want to live in forever. I got into the school and immediately someone was there to help me feel comfortable. I met friends, played sports, and have compared it to all of my other schools. Delaware is such a well cultured place. You show up and you are a Pacer. I am lucky to have been in Delaware City Schools for the last 7 years and remainder of my schooling career(except for college). I want to start my family here because I believe my children will do their best in this school district with all the opportunities they have here.
I’ve enjoyed going to DCS and it has really shaped me into the person I am today. I hear very often that I am extremely lucky to go to an inclusive school. DCS has kids from every socioeconomic class and many different cultures. Our district does an AMAZING job including kids with special needs and not making them feel less for being different. Also, I’ve been extremely lucky to participate in the music program from 4th-12th grade. The music programs at Hayes are absolutely amazing! I feel like my education was well rounded in more than just academics as well. The only thing I would change is controlling the overflow more because there is not enough parking at the high school for students and also, the hallways are SO crowded! Other than that, I’ve been proud to be a pacer!
The Delaware City School District provides a wonderful education to students of all walks of life. Educators here genuinely care about their students and are willing to do as much as they possibly can to help students succeed. It is a great environment for children to interact with one another and to learn, and it will set them up for success later on in life.
This school is definitely a good school to attend for being public. I've had good experiences during my time here. The teachers here are really good and build good culture around here. Things to improve would he the food and the look of this place, as they are definitely lacking.
I've been a student in DCS for the last 12 years and overall the experience has been a pretty good one. MAny of the schools have teachers who actually care about their students and what their teaching as well as the schools making active changes to the buildings to try to keep up and provide us with the same technology as bigger surrounding schools.
I took AP courses and was well prepared for college. Music program was absolutely outstanding - participated in choir, orchestra, and theatre. Teachers in most of my classes were engaging.
Both our dauhters attend DCS, and we, as parents feel that they are receiving a great education, from supportive teachers and administrators. There are lots of events and opportunities for parents to be involved, which we kove.
We love Delaware City Schools. We have compassionate and knowledgeable teachers, who work hard for our kids everyday. They don't give up on the challenges and they work hard to accelerate the kids.
I went to Delaware Christian School and have loved my experience. The teachers are outstanding and care about you and your future. The Administration wants to see you get into college and works with you to relieve stress during the College process. Altogether i will always love my school but am ready for the future.
From the teachers doing a flash mob in downtown Delaware to the inspiring poetry writing on the bathroom stalls, Delaware City Schools never ceases to amaze me with its countless opportunities for involvement and positive reinforcement. Providing the opportunity to take Advance Placement courses and hundreds of extracurriculars help all the students feel involved and important. Growing as an individual is important to this school district in hopes that throughout the years we are readily prepared for the real world.

The equation E+R=O (Event+Reaction=Outcome) has been introduced into the district and us students have taken it to heart in and out of school. This means that the way you react to an event happening is the outcome you are going to get.

My experience in this school district has truly readied me to continue to grow and better myself everyday. I am very grateful for everything the teachers and administration have provided and sacrificed for me.
Delaware city schools has done so much for me the past 12 years. I've been going to school here my whole life. Everyone is nothing but kind. I've had a hard past 3 years but the teachers have been so supportive through out my experience. I've had many teachers who I look up to and inspire me to be as good as a teacher as them some day. Delaware city schools has been the greatest home anyone could ever ask for. It's such a great town. Everyone seems content and so excited about life. I'm so thankful to be from a school district like this. Delaware city schools has been my life for the past 12 years and will continue to be a part of me forever.
Great district! My son is in first grade and loves going to school each and every day. His teachers keep him involved and want to make sure he is learning.
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Delaware city schools is a great and safe learning environment. It inspires creativity from all kids and the staff is a big part in making that happen.
It is an excellent city to attend school because there are no distraction. The community is peaceful and the food cost is very cheap. It has been really a blessing.
Delaware has a very tight knit community, and lots of great teachers that challenge students in the classroom to help them succeed.
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