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Delavan-Darien School District Reviews

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Delavan-Darien Highschool is full of teachers who are willing to put in time and effort to help out students in need. The resources that teachers provide if a student is in need of help or is simply interested in a subject is outstanding. It’s a very great place where you feel safe. There is really nothing bad about this place I would like to change.
This will be my children's 2 nd yr in this district (from Clark county,Las Vegas,) and teachers and staff are amazing. No complaints. My girls are in elementary school and teachers take the time to help. Staff is amazing at problem solving between kids. They are quick to call if a problem. My girls genuinely love everyone at their school.The elementary school is clean, bathrooms are clean. It is a bright ,happy place with positive posters and art.
Staff at Delavan is great student's are top priority, student service's team are very helpful. Very diverse. Student's scores are growing faster than a lot of other schools in Wisconsin
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Delavan is a very good school district with good schools and good teachers that actually care about the well being and the success of the students.
Delavan Darien High School is a great place for acceptance and tolerance between students of all grade levels. Although the climate and student body within the High School and the district as a whole is very nice, many of the teachers seem to lack experience and administration lacks understanding and is often times unhelpful. Delavan Darien offers plenty of opportunity when it comes to education and allows students to challenge themselves if they choose too. However, I believe that students are given to many opportunities to not try and often "fall through the cracks" and end up not caring at all.
Delavan-Darien is a school district that has an "okay" learning environment. It's not so bad nor too good there are times that you have to feel safe and others that you may feel very unsafe because of what's happening in other schools. It's a very diverse school and that one thing I like about it. They're a mix of cultures and I find that very interesting because you can learn new things.
When it come to Delavan Darien School district I love how well rounded the school really is. When it comes to Academics I really appreciate the variety of different classes I have to choose from. Also the higher level AP courses that are offered are challenging and allow me to learn information that will prepare me for college. The athletic programs that I was a part of tought me countless life lessons that I will carry with me throughout the rest of my life. In terms of the student body it is overall very diverse, and able to co-exist very well. In the four years that I've been at the high school, I've never witnessed a fight on school grounds. This is a credit to administration, and teachers, as well as respectful students. The only real problem I have with Delavan is that at I feel as though I was not prepared enough for the ACT. But overall my experience in the Delavan Darien School district has been a good one.
I'm a senior. Activities I participated in is varsity football for three years and I'm also doing track for shot put as of my first year. What I will like to change in our school is the food quality and different chairs.
My experiences in Delavan-Darien High School is good so far because I have learnt so many new things and I am still learning new things and I am happy to go in this kind of cool district.
My experience at Delavan Darien High School has definitely been the best four years of my life so far. I love seeing how involved the teachers are with the students lives. I love that the teacher try to make the environment for all students equal. It amazes me on how diverse our school is and I love being able to see and the different cultures just by walking through the halls. I also would like to see the testing scores to go up to prove that we are not a below average school. Also I would like to see more parent involvement in the music and art programs just like they do for the sports.
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