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Del Norte County Unified School District Reviews

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Good district academically and teacher-wise. The food is of a merely average quality, but the administration and academics are well fit.
Del Norte High School is a friendly school, that has a comfortable atmosphere. It is easy to fit in with other people, especially if you play sports, or join school activities like clubs. The staff are very friendly and are there for you and ready to help you whenever you need it. One thing that I would like to see change, is a class that teaches you life skills such as, how to pay bills, how to change a tire, what to do when you are out on your own. I would like to see a class like that in the near future, that teaches students on how to be prepared for the biggest step in their life. Many students going out on their own may have an idea of how life works, but may not necessarily know how to do what needs to be done. That is why I think having a class such as Life Skills would be beneficial to students.
Del Norte County Unified School District is a community that focuses on the students' education and safety. Every year, there are small changes made in the schools to better improve the campus for its students and staff.
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Our experience with school has been fantastic. The teachers are very accessible and eager to help their students. If your child is ambitious, they will bend over backwards to give them opportunities. The only significant improvement I would like to see is better campus security.
This school district is working hard to comply to their students, however, teachers struggle to be treated with fairness and this largely impacts the students in the small community.
The teachers are very willing to help their students and provide very many opportunities to receive additional help! However, our school is constantly under construction and it's very distracting so it would be nice if their rate could be quicker.
I like the teachers, people, and environment. Our facilities are getting the renovation they need and we have many AP classes and a community college right across from the high school.
The high school needs a lot of changes, the roof leaks the bathrooms are graffiti and most of the lockers don't lock. It needs an update but other than that it's fine.
the spot across the parking lot where we smoked burn out. i spent most my time getting high and no one cared
I enjoy how the staff are very understanding and not intimidating. If I wanted to switch my classes I could easily. The high school may not be that big but I am glad it isn't. I don't like it when the halls are extremely crowded so I'm happy there aren't a lot of students. DNHS is a school that welcomes everyone and it's great.
It's average for a small town the community college and the high school are close. 2 of the middle schools are very far apart and vary in experiences with the 2 schools atmospheres. The primary and elementary schools are good.
I liked that its a small community so it was easy to build a relationship with the faculty over the years. However it would have been nice to see more involvement in students actually learning rather than just getting scores for the tests. It also would have been amazing if I would have been prepared for college, such as being taught how to apply for everything, ways to form good study habits, and being taught better time management skills.
There's a lot of drugs and violence here. The school district does nothing to prevent robberies and break-ins. But the music department is amazing.
Many of the staff, but not all, at Del Norte High School are on the brink of retirement. It seems as though only a handful of the staff would like to see you as a student succeed. Others, are either hard to communicate with, or they talk down to you. In this school district it seems like all of the good, beneficial teachers are plucked out of the classrooms and placed in the district office. I would like to see improvement in areas such as curriculum, student communication, and collaborative learning environments.
Great school, great atmosphere, violence isn't prevalent, teachers cared about there student's success (with an exception of a few), the school wasn't so "clichey". My overall experience at the school was great. Football is life at the school. Program is fabulous.
One of the things I like about Del Norte High is how small it is, because it makes it so everyone is familiar with each other. The teachers for the most part are very friendly and the counselors are extremely helpful. One of the things I would like to see change is a complete renovation of the building, it is currently in progress but there are so many things in need of immediate such as the heater and the AC.
My experience at Del Norte High School has been relatively good. It's an old school and we don't have many new things, but for how old it is it looks and works pretty good. There are clubs and sports to join and good teachers. We are a pretty small school so you know basically everyone.
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I love all of my teachers, they were all very helpful and kind. They got everything done efficiently. I'd like to change the food though. It's not at all healthy.
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