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I like that the county allows students to focus on arts and academics,but I would like there to be less bias.
The teachers cared about your education, and wanted you to succeed in everyday life instead of just the classroom. Also, the schools are not too big or too small. The students at the school would help you push to strive your goals and help you accomplish them.
Very incompetent. Doesn't do what's best for students, only what is easy for them. Higher preforming schools do not get nice things
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Dekalb county has its ups and downs. The schools are nicely sized with the appropriate functions for the school. THe school lunch could be majorly improved especially in the health department. They should try to invest in more programs such as honors, and IB instead of just advanced, AP, and dual enrollement. That way students like me are able to compete with other schools in that area.
The Dekalb County School system has been able to provide an excellent education to me and my peers. As a student of Chamblee Charter High School, I was able to become a magnet student student and get a much better education than I would've at any other school. Over the past four years, I have been able to become heavily involved in my schools stem program. The county provided the funds for clubs, such as VEX Robotics Competition, Technology Student Association, and Electric Vehicle. Due to funding that the school system provided, I received an education has greatly prepared me for a true college education. Overall, Dekalb County has gone at no expense to ensure that all student are provided a quality education and can enter college with confidence that they can succeed. The county has provided a quality education, but lacks quality food for school breakfast and lunch. It has also ignored the infrastructure of many schools throughout the county.
I had a very good experience in Dekalb County Schools. I would like Dekalb to receive the same resources as North Dekalb.
Dekalb County schools need much work. When I attended Miller Grove the atmosphere of the school was very violent and flashy. It was too much of a fashion show instead of a learning environment. Teachers were half teaching, and they have way too many standardized tests. There is no need for a graduating senior to be taking 5 standardized tests at almost the end of the school year.
Nice variety of students!! was very much a cultural experience! Teachers and Faculty were very friendly, but sometimes slow to get things done.
I like how Dekalb county gives all students a chance, but I dislike the amount of opportunities given.
I think the county as a whole has a lot to work on. I see many unhappy student and faculty at school, dealing with issues that could be addressed better than they are now. I want to say that overall the county does well, but it can do better. There are times when going to school is very fun, but other times when you compare it to other counties, you see the difference in energy and motivation in those students. That's something that some people lack in my school at least. These are kids that are highly intelligent and creative but between the work load and deadlines they break down and fall behind when they honestly may be one of the smartest in the class.
I enjoy the community involvement. We’re very family oriented. However, the organization and safety can be improved.
I liked the engineering. I was very involved in the Dekalb County Technology Fair. I placed every time I competed and advanced to state. I am now a senior at Arabia Mountain High School. I participate in the Technology Student Association and the schools robotics team, VEX.
Dekalb County School System is the antithesis of should be educational system.
I am repulsed by the likes of this district. They treat their volunteers like scum if that is any indication of how they would treat you as an educator. They are unprofessional, unresponsive, ungrateful, opportunistic excuse finding jerks that have no business occupying the educational landscape.
I don't expect much from most public school districts. My experience in Dekalb County has been average for the most part. However, I must say that the school I currently attend is particularly more diverse than others.
I would like to see more involvement in getting students ready for college from the teachers. I would also like to the more parents involvement in the Dekalb county school system and there need to be a better menu for the students.
I like that Dekalb offers a lot of opportunities for students to participate in activities and clubs that reach across all interests. It offers many opportunities for parents to be active in the schools and county decisions although many parents do not attend. I would like to see more opportunites where participation in county decisions were offered through the use of technology especially for those parents who work odd hours. And, in the same light I would like to see learning opportunities via computer for students who must assist parents with siblings or health conditions. The latter is in response to the number of students missing school on a regular basis.
I like the involvement of the teachers and their acceptance of students. I like how they don’t judge their kids but instead embrace them while also attempt to teach them how not to not let that effect their work. I do wish their diversity of ethnicities would expand. It doesn’t fully get you prepared for the real world if you’re consistently seeing the same group of people. Other than that the Dekalb County school system is a fine one.
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Some schools in DeKalb County perform well, some don't. Some schools don't have enough money for all the students to have books. Parent involvement helps sometimes.
For me there has been some ups and downs as being a DeKalb County student. One of the ups are the teachers. All the teachers I have had sense I’ve been in DeKalb were tremendous. Not only have they prepared me for the next grade level but they prepare me for life. Another up side are the staff. The staff build personal relationships with kids. I feel like that is a good thing because you never know what’s going on at home with a student. The last up side for me would be the education and programs. Currently I am in the IB program, take AP and Accel classes and play basketball for the school. It seems like a lot but these classes are showing me what it feels like to be in college and how to balance my work load. The only downside would be the students. Some students go to school just to be with their friends and to get out of the house. Those are the same students who skip class, doesn’t do any work and cause distractions for the ones who do want to learn.
Very good school systems as I wish to see an increase in the school facilities. Free lunches for every kid. Technology has improved tremendously as they have done a great job with that.
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