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DeKalb Community Unit School District No. 428 Reviews

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Life at Dekalb hasn't been anything short of boring. The diversity that Dekalb brings allows for many different interactions, along with exposure to multiple cultures and communities, as well as the people involved. The staff, for the most part, is great and strive to see all students succeed. In contrast to my private middle school that provided almost no diversity, Dekalb allows it's students to interact and learn from others, teaching us all dire respect despite our differences.
I haven't finished High School Yet, but the experience so far has been amazing. I play basketball and soccer and the students are so caring to one another. The school supports one another and it is amazing. It's a great time during football season and basketball season when everyone is cheering and laughing together. I am also in the band and that has created a second family for me. DeKalb Highschool really cares about their students. The teachers are caring and supportive and just really want the best for you.
My kids go to Lincoln Elementary School and it's and nice smaller school and the teachers are great!!!
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I enjoyed the teachers at Dhs they showed me my talents, being at Dekalb High school helped me find my career I wouldn’t have thought that the teachers would go on the roller coaster of my high school years with me but they did and it taught me how to grow up.
I liked DeKalb High School because of the wide choices of classes, sports programs, clubs that you could participate in but I couldn't because of my commitment to baseball and the new facility
Brand new facility, Academics are pretty good, clubs and activities really get you involved, the culture over all is pretty good, sports are a huge focus at DeKalb High school each sports team is pretty good and they have good coaches, DeKalb is also very diverse, Id say DeKalb gets your ready for college but sometimes they are too easy on you, there is a large variety of food to choose from at lunch, the food could be a little better but over its pretty good, over all I really liked DeKalb and I would recommend it to any students looking for a highschool.
This school is great and capable of knowing the well being for their students and working to make that school a safe and better place. The school is very supporting is capable of being reachable when needed. There are many trusted adults students can go to. Overall this school is great to attend.
Good highschool and so many people you’re bound to find some great friends. Very supplrtive school academic wise and enabled you to be college ready by taking AP classes or going to Kish for a couple class periods.
It's pretty great! Just a normal high school. Although I wish we could be recruited better because we have a lot of talented athletes.
In the DeKalb community unit school district No. 428, all the teachers throughout my schooling really cared about if I understood what they were teaching. I think the district itself makes uneducated choices, like not spending the district money on the right tools for excellence. All in all District No. 428 is decent.
I started here my sophomore year here. I knew no one or what to expect of this school. I was pleasantly surprised when I was transferring and the process went quick. My counselor was super helpful and the people here are pretty nice.
DeKalb High School is a great school, I have truly been able to flourish here but I struggle a lot. Most teachers are very help full and so is the administration. The only issue is that it focuses too much on sports and If youre not in a sport you tend to feel like an outcast in some cases. our band is great, yet not much attention is given to it
Dekalb has wonderful teachers who help as much as they can to help you understand the material and succeed.
I had a great time at high school. I learned a lot and really became part of the community. The teachers push you to be the best.
My experience in the Dekalb School District is that no one, including the staff wants to be there. Something to improve on would be the way you pay,teachers and the way teachers teach students.
Going to dekalb highschool was one of the best things that could have happend to me. I am from harvey illinois and district 428 was a really big change. The school that I come from do not offer what district 428 does. I would love to have a school like this back where im from.
I have been with the DeKalb School District my whole life and I have had an overall positive experience with it. But recently there has been a lot of administration problems that has caused me to question the integrity of the school board and how much the focus is on the kids and not just the administrations personal benefits.
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It's a nice big school, with good athletics, music, and educational programs. The students could be more welcoming though. The high school building itself is great. Its big and clean.
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