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It's a good district in general. Most teachers are caring, students are meh, but there's always going to be bad apples at any district. Facilities are okay. They could spend more on renovating the schools and classrooms instead of the sports complex, though.
There is a lot of classes available at each of our schools which is really nice. The teachers are also good at helping the students but they sometimes aren't the best teachers. I have gone through many classes where I swear I'm not learning that much and I am left confused for the tests and essays.
My experience with the DeForest Area School District has been pleasant for me personally. Although, the system lacks the ability to implement ideas that will benefit the majority and not just a select few people. They also do not seem to strive very much for higher achievement since they do not even collaborate with the local state university and instead choose the technical college.
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I experienced a lot of racism. Especially in middle school. My days were made easy because I had my friends by my side though. But academics have been poor in certain subjects. Teachers won't help you, not helpful, and seem like they hate their job sometimes. They are currently trying to get better and fix their flaws, but it is going to take a lot of steps and actions.
There lacks a sense of pride in the school system. Also the school does not have community support like our surrounding towns. Just look at the weight room that is super tiny compared to every other weight room in the surrounding area. Its hard to be successful in sports without investments from the community and the school in general. Academics are fair and the math program needs complete overhaul because it uses common core. Common core does not work.
Id like to see the Athletic Director fired and some of
the coaches for certain sports released as well. Lots of bias and favoritism going on in the school/community.
DeForest is a very unique school. It's academics are average, as they could really use more AP classes and student support. The actual students are rather cliquey and while some are kind and caring, others have very poor behavior that is never properly dealt with. The school spirit is decent and the sports are pretty good. There's nothing special about it other than exchange programs or field trips that are supported by the school. The food isn't the best (except for the freshly baked cookies sold at the Korner Store), but the teachers are amazing. They connect with their students and really help to give you as much encouragement as they can. Overall just your basic high school.
Good, teaching isn't the best in the math department but very good in other areas. Administration is very disorganized but in general has an idea of how to get things done. Buildings are mostly clean.
Top down management. Central office does not care about its teachers at all. Pay is horrible. The amount of work needed to get a raise is ridiculous. Uncaring atmosphere.
Overall I think DeForest Area High School provides a quality education to its students. Looking back on my 4 years, I can say that I got a lot out of my high school years through the participation in extracurriculars, such as Student Council, Symphonic and Jazz band, NHS, and the School Musical. Here I have met some incredible teachers that clearly enjoy what they do for a living and their passion is evident. My only complaint is that I think for its size, the school could be offering many more AP classes and other opportunities to earn potential college credit before graduation. Yes, you can take many of these classes online now, but I think for most students, having a structured classroom setting is favored for achieving success in AP courses.
My personal experiences going to DHS are far from great. The principles are suckers for telling you what to do. In DMS my black friend moved schools because of the discrimination from students and teachers.
DeForest is a school district that is very flawed, but tries its best to complete everyone's desires of satisfaction. With constant troubles; like bullying, lack of diversity, lack of acceptance, and a slower academic learning system, many of our students do not express a love for our schools. Having joined Student Council this ending year of 2017, we have finally started to change the club's system. It opened my eyes to a realization that most of our school is like this, we don't do much to help effectively change our schools in ways that would seriously, realistically, and purposefully help encourage us. Our teachers are very persistent and helpful but everyone has a lack to do much change and that's what makes us significantly different, we can be doing more, but don't. Everyone's experience is different, but mine is focused of the things we aren't able to do, because it overruns the things we can. It leaves you unsatisfied, makes you ask yourself, "Is this all we've got?"
I liked most of my teachers. Some of my teachers just went through the ropes, not teaching me much of anything. Others are really involved and caring. The sports are alright, same with the coaches. Some are better than others.
I give the rating of four stars, because no one person, no business, and no school is perfect. There are always items that can be improved on. Even though you may not be able to see them directly, there is always some thing or some one that may need more attention given to. I feel we are all a work in progress, we strive to be the best that we can, but are we ever "perfect"?

I am confident that I graduated from DeForest High School as a great student, a very good person and someone who is mentally and physically ready to take on the next step in my life.
They were not interactive. They should have connected more. They try to blame you for poor communication. They taught absolutely nothing about thr LGBTQ+ community or sex for queer people and often treated the subject as taboo.
DeForest High School is a friendly school with wonderful teacher which want you to succeed. The only problem is a lack of support for the fine arts and no theatre classes.
Overall DeForest is a pretty good school district. Unfortunately, the district is more concerned about the bottom line than the high achieving students. The district offers relatively limited AP courses and often times they overlap. This causes scheduling problems that can stifle students. Additionally, when a student surpasses all available classes, the district can make it very difficult to find alternatives. BUT, for the typical students, the district is more than adequate.
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Something I will like to see and change is having program college for student like people program or other program to help student with college .
I went K-12 in the DeForest Area School District and I was extremely disappointed with the education I received, particularly the high school.

The administration as a whole is horrible. I have no suggestions on how they could fix any of the imbeciles that "run" the school besides firing them all and getting new ones.

Academics aren't challenging, and I assure you, I tried to challenge myself but could not due to the fact that there are only 7 AP classes here. Most of the "challenging" classes get you MATC credit because it seems that DeForest is sponsored by MATC.

College readiness is an absolute joke. Most people go to MATC or a lower ranking UW system school and drop out quickly. I attend a prestigious private university, but DeForest didn't get me there whatsoever. In actuality, I was told I was an absolute idiot for going to a private college. The "counselors" don't know what they are talking about, can't keep their schedules straight and absolutely push MATC.
Deforest has a been a great place to grow up. My school life could have definitely had a higher level. With the no-late policy and the ability to re-take most tests, I feel that Deforest does not do the best job at preparing students for college.
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