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The Defiance City School District very much involves the community. The structure of the school revolves around the students and their involvement within the school and translates that into the community. Defiance City Schools has a wide variety of education learning styles, teachers of different ages, and a diverse group of students. Reviewing my past four years of High School there, one thing that has impacted me the most is the schools motto, this states that we are shaped by a greater purpose, which proposes that every day that the student body is there it is a time to progress and learn.
The area is small and most people are friendly. However, there could be an improvement in emphasizing the arts for students.
I love how I can talk to my teachers about problems with my homework and also problems with my life. I wish that I could change the student atmosphere. Because our school is larger, it is harder to build a more positive and encouraging student atmosphere.
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It is a very good school district a little strict but they are all about safety and learning. They are not exactly helpful with bullying and emotional issues.
I like the classrooms and the high quality equipment I get to use everyday. The teachers are also very nice and helpful. Overall, I would say that high school is just a fun experience to talk to friend and learn in a fun and safe environment!
As a student of Defiance public schools there has been many new changes. An obvious one being our new school. This new school brought bigger classrooms, new state of the art computer labs, and a beautiful new gym. This school enforces feelings of confidence, respect and thoughtfulness. In my experience there was never any feelings of bullying and hatred of being at school. But with all these positives there are also negatives. Some include the average and lazy teaching styles, the teachers are not bad people. They are actually some of the most admired but their style and favoritism are not the traits that make them stand out. Overall the experience at the Defiance City Schools is an average one. There is really nothing out of the ordinary or the extraordinary.
Defiance has all new facilities. All grades are in new buildings. All athletic facilities are new or updated. Football, softball and baseball are on turf. Soccer uses football field.
The faculty and staff of the Defiance City School District has been quite high-quality and effective to me. In the course of my primary schooling, two new facilities have been built, and many other advancements made. After my 3rd grade year, the four elementary schools in the city combined into one single building. I feel that the teachers, principals, and other staffers did an extraordinary job of making sure students intermingled and grafted into one student body. I have only one complaint that lies in a teacher. He has been teaching a scientific topic for over 5 years, and the man continues to not comprehend his own curriculum. Seeing him removed would be a change I would support, and would incredibly increase interest in the topic he "teaches," physics. To end on a more positive note, just this year teachers and staff members have focused on positivity. I genuinely cherish the hello I receive from the female custodian each morning.
Defiance schools are pretty easy to get through and work well with students. The staff helps kids understand diffuculties kids may have in some classes well. The food is mostly not good and always the same. There should we more activities and clubs so kids can have more of a variety of interest.
Defiance city school was gery helpful in my attending there. The academics were good and they pushed me to my full potential.
I liked that defiance was a decent community. However, I disliked the lack of emphasis on academics and music. Sports are a dominant factor in this district.
Defiance has an amazing athletics program and academics and creates educated and respectful students.
This district highly emphasizes athletics and academic going ons more than anything, closely followed by the student. However, there have been a few times where I was displeased with my experience. Firstly, there have been a few times when the weather was bad enough to be dangerous, such as thick fog and icy conditions, but they did not delay or cancel. Secondly, recently, they have incorporated a monthly 2-hour delay for all of the schools for teacher conferences, which causes headaches for working parents of children who need to be watched.
Defiance is a small town so the school fits that. We aren't the best but we are far from the worst school. For the most part, teachers are friendly and willing to answer your questions. What school doesn't have teachers that are a little grumpy sometime? Because we certainly have those too. Overall, Defiance is a lovely little school where everyone knows each other by name. Its like a little family.
Defiance High School has offered me so many great opportunities and created many memories I will never forget with people I will never forget. I am forever grateful for that. At DHS, I always felt welcomed by teachers and they always were willing it help, whether it be coming in early or staying after school. Something I would change though, is adding more clubs or activities. There are a lot of extra-curricular activities, but to get all 890 students involved at school, we need more things to do.
Overall, I have had a good experience at Defiance City Schools. All of my teachers have been helpful for the most part and are willing to work with me.
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